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Taking Down the World

Introduction: Five years ago, he was imprisoned out of a false accusation. Five years later, he returned in glory and controlled all the power. Finally, he would get b...

Five years ago, he was imprisoned for unfounded charges. Five years later, he returned with glory and gained control of all power. In the end, he will reclaim everything he has lost!

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The Abandoned Bride Married a Tycoon
Introduction: Rumor said Yedda Victor, a daughter of the Victor family, who grew up in the countryside and was known for her ridiculous antics, had deeply fallen in love with a wealthy businessman, Ethan Seth. However, on the day of their wedding, Ethan ran away. Angered by his actions, Yedda also fled the scene and met the world's most mysterious genius, Roy Grant. He planned a deliberate car accident and offered to marry Yedda as compensation, and she readily agreed. Thus, they married by contract. After their marriage, Roy concealed his real status. Not only did he elevate his young wife to new heights, but he also helped her find respect in the Victor family.
Clover’s Revenge
Introduction: Clover Dunn was supposed to be the heiress of the Dunn family. However, her life took a dark turn as she was abducted and trafficked at a young age. In her absence, her parents adopted another daughter, Harley Dunn. Years later, Clover showed up and reunited with the Dunn family. However, her return sparked jealousy in her stepsister, who coveted the family's wealth. Hence, Harley conspired with Clover's fiancé, Bryant Cohen, to set Clover up, resulting in a tragic incident that claimed her mother's life. By a twist of fate, Clover is pregnant with the child of the Terence Knight. She faked her death to escape from the fire set by Harley.Five years later, she resurfaces, stronger and more determined, having her son by her side. With a steely resolve, she vows to make her enemies pay for the suffering they caused.
Spoiling My Sweet Wife to Her Core
On the day of the engagement, Anne Miller was framed in a cheating scandal. Her fiance, Shawn Smith,
Goodbye, My Former Love
Introduction: Ella concealed her identity and spent four years married to Ash, yet it proved insufficient to withstand the allure of a first love. Consequently, despite being seven months pregnant, Ella had to endure a harrowing Cesarean section. Leaving behind a divorce agreement, Ella reclaimed her status as the heiress of a wealthy family, driving Ash to the brink of insanity.
One Night Stand
She wants a good life for her daughter; he wants to cure his mom. They agree to get married to help
A Heart’s Untold Truth
Introduction: Amelia Russo has loved Shawn Butler for many years, but his heart remains steadfast in its longing for his first love. Determined, Amelia gracefully steps aside to make room for that woman.Shawn deludes into believing his happiness lies in Amelia's absence and jolts by an unexpected revelation upon receiving her medical card. "Shawn Butler, as the final days of my life trickle away, I no longer choose to waste my love on you."

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