Short playRomance

Oops! I married a CEO by mistake

Introduction: Abigail lies dead in the hospital, while her fiancé Kyle and stepsister Chloe gloat over their murder of her. Overhearing their evil plan, Abigail later ...

Abigail unfortunately passed away in the hospital, while her fianc é Kyle and stepsister Chloe were proud to have planned and carried out her murder. After accidentally hearing about their evil conspiracy, Abigail miraculously woke up and quickly married a bankrupt model named Henry as revenge against them. At first, Abigail thought that this marriage was just a carefully planned drama, but as betrayal and difficulties followed, she found Henry silently supporting her. Just as the relationship between the two began to become real and profound, Abigail unexpectedly revealed a shocking secret about Henry’s identity

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