Short play

Love's Prologue
To help resolve her father’s company funding crisis, Grace Regen marries Harold Smith despite not re
The Legend's Return: Back in Full Force
In an accident, Ben Shaw, the Overlord of Shaston, suffers paralysis and brain damage. His girlfrien
Redeeming Love
Naomi Scott is compelled to stay by Adrian Young's side due to her uncanny resemblance to his sister
My Professor Is My Alpha Mate
When Lila kisses a stranger to get back at her cheating ex-boyfriend, she has no idea she's just loc
Love's Valor
As a devoted soldier, Joan White leaves her newborn daughter and heads out to fight for the country.
Our Journey Back to Love
Despite being a billionaire CEO, Joe Grant grapples with erectile dysfunction until an encounter wit
When We Meet Again
The feisty and popular celebrity, Quiana Swift, returns from abroad after three years, following mal
Dominion of the Unyielding
Three years ago, the eldest son of the Reid family in Skavia, Calum Reid, went to jail in place of h
Whispers of the Past
Ruby Nolan has been married to Jeff Paule for three years, and they have a son. However, this doesn’
A Healer's Odyssey
Due to his master's arranged marriage for him, Joe Leed embarks on an adventurous journey in search
Trails of Hope: His Journey Back Home
Theo Levy lost contact with his parents 20 years ago due to a car accident. Fortunately, he was adop
She-Wielder's Grace
Nora Stone is a woman respected by the Lynches, with a famous violinist and an international designe
The Revenge Makeover
Bella Jensen was a cheerful and plump girl with a loving family and a devoted brother, Zac Jensen. T
Love After Rebirth: Marrying My Ex's Uncle
Chloe Park, driven by misguided love for her ex-boyfriend Simon Gray, resorts to stealing confidenti
Ms. Jane Is No Pushover
After her parents’ death, Bella Jane is chased out of her home while her family business falls into
From Commoner to Noble: Reborn in Ancient Times
After an accident, Juan Lawson finds himself reincarnated as a nobleman in ancient times. Opting for
Fortunes Unveiled: My Husband Is a Big Shot(DUBBED)
On the first day of Chinese New Year, Jay Wade pays a visit to his wife's family, only to be ill-tre
Reign of the Indomitable
Homes are forcefully demolished by the demolition team, heedless of the plea from an elderly woman a
A Call to the Past
Thirty years ago, Timothy Hyde fell victim to a scam orchestrated by his friend, Luke Luther, result
Chasing the Lost Romance
In pursuit of true love, Charlotte Gruman, a young lady from a wealthy family, marries Darrell Colem
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