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Resurgence of the Battle Divinity

Introduction: Evan Harvey, the nine-star commander of Fubrar, was betrayed by Bently Sloan while rescuing his master. This betrayal resulted in Evan's crippled legs an...

Evan Harvey, the nine-star commander of Fubrar, found himself in a dire situation when he was betrayed by Bently Sloan during a mission to rescue his mentor. This treachery led to Evan sustaining severe leg injuries and suffering from memory loss, which also caused him to become mentally impaired. Through an arrangement orchestrated by the patriarch of the Porters, Evan was married into their family, where he spent three years under the care of Carol Porter, enduring the disdain of her family.

As Evan’s memory began to return, so did the prowess of the nine-star commander. From his lowest point, he began his ascent back to the pinnacle of power. With unwavering determination and the support of his wife, Carol, and others, Evan overcame numerous challenges. With the trust and assistance of those around him, he ultimately cleared away all obstacles and stepped out of the shadows.

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