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Blade of Northarch

Introduction: General Henry Nolan is bestowed the title of the North Lord, adorned with the regal ceremonial robe and the legendary Dragon Sword of Astil. Yet, his asc...

Henry Nolan, a general of great renown, is honored with the title of the North Lord. Dressed in the royal ceremonial robe and wielding the legendary Dragon Sword of Astil, he stands as a symbol of power and authority. However, his rise to prominence is marred by a betrayal that leaves him physically and mentally scarred. His wife, Jean Shaw, becomes a target of mockery and disdain. Alex Cook, the young scion enamored by Jean’s beauty, seeks to make her his own, striking a devastating blow against Henry. But this act serves as a catalyst for Henry’s resurgence. Against all odds, Henry’s determination and willpower begin to mend his broken spirit and heal his body. With the unwavering support of Jean and their allies, Henry embarks on a journey from the depths of despair to the heights of power. Inspired by Jean’s steadfast protection, he vows to protect her for eternity.

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