Short playRevenge

Spoiling My Sweet Wife to Her Core(DUBBED)

On the day of the engagement, Anne Miller was framed in a cheating scandal. Her fiance, Shawn Smith,

On the day of their engagement, Anne Miller found herself embroiled in a scandalous accusation of infidelity. Her fiancé, Shawn Smith, was livid and declared his intention to never wed Anne. She was well aware that her deceitful stepsister, Elsa Miller, was the orchestrator of this vile plot. Shawn, unfortunately, had fallen prey to Elsa’s deceitful words, believing every lie she spun. Anne’s heart was filled with despair as she died, consumed by bitterness and remorse.

In a twist of fate, the soul of a heroine, also named Anne, found its way into the body of Anne Miller. Determined and filled with a burning desire for vengeance, she vowed to right the wrongs done to her predecessor. With a newfound purpose, she embarked on a journey to reclaim her life and exact revenge on those who had wronged her. The stage was set for a tale of redemption, where the true colors of those around her would be revealed, and justice would be served.

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