Blaze of Dominion
For the past eight years, Cody Keller has been trying to find his ex-wife, Arwen Strauss, after she
Dominance Unveiled: The Obeisance Begins
Kaden Smith unexpectedly marries a stunning CEO during his first visit to the city. Confronted with
Revive, Rewind and Renew
In a seemingly ordinary small county town in 1984, where everyone knows your name and secrets simmer
Echoes of Valor: His Powerful Comeback
Three years ago, Harry Clint led an army to victory, defeating an alliance of ten enemy countries an
Thundering Torrent: Rage of the Unstoppable
On the eve of the wedding, Donna Faust drops a bombshell, demanding a steep increase in the bride pr
Resetting the Clock: A Tycoon's Rise
Despite raising his daughter amidst humiliation and seeking revenge on the man responsible for his w
Embers of Valor
The formidable Allen Lind, revered as the "9-Star Marshal," found himself ensnared in Yancy Reed's
Ultimate Dominance: All Hail to Me!
Skyler Larson, known as the Celestial Lord, shatters the barriers between realms and returns to Eart
Ordinary No More: His Path to the Throne
Justin Lind, an unambitious orphan, has opted for an ordinary life. Despite ridicule from those arou
The Stormbringer
Craig Bush, the master of martial arts and medical techniques, returns to the city. And that unfolds
Redemption Road: A Journey Back in Time
To clear his gambling debts, Sam Rowe sells his daughter off. He only realizes his mistake when he w
Shadowed Power: The Mysterious Magnate
After spending seven years abroad, Ben Cole has risen to become a finance tycoon, holding the presid
His Return to Supremacy
The Lord of Hope of Rayne, Leon Jenkins, faces a devastating blow in an enemy attack, losing not jus
Rising From the Abyss: The Supreme's Revenge
Coveting the Supreme Bone, both Keanu Yates' best friend and fiancée betray him, stealing it, and th
The Double Life of Mr. Yearwood
With an alias of “Mr. Kent”, Evan Yearwood secretly helps his wife on her path to success. However,
Untamed Dominance: I Bend to No Will
As a child, Aaron Thorn endured abandonment by his father and the scorn of those around him until he
Reveal, Rise and Reign
Lance West generously supports his girlfriend, Lara Olson, throughout her academic journey. Thanks t
Bleed for This
Mason Ford is a famous boxer who grew up with his mother. When he refuses to participate in a fake match, his mother and wife are kidnapped by the wealthy Dylan Stone and his men. With no alternative, Mason is compelled to confront them face-to-face.
The President’s Husband Is a Deliveryman
With a stroke of luck, Eric Clark's life took a drastic turn. He transformed from just a deliveryman
Xander's Golden Era
After he was tragically murdered, Xander Lewis, a top entrepreneur, was sent back in time to the beg
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