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Baby Genius Saves the World

Introduction: To save her grandfather, Ross Hanks, whose family was in dire straits, reluctantly agreed to divorce Zander at the insistence of the Morrison family. Add...

Ross Hanks, determined to rescue her grandfather from financial ruin, was reluctantly coerced into divorcing Zander, as per the insistence of the Morrison family. Furthermore, she was compelled to forfeit custody of her unborn child to the Morrison family. Five years elapsed before Ross’s grandfather passed away, and Zander was involved in a car accident that resulted in amnesia. Coincidentally, Ross received an unexpected proposition from the Morrison family to serve as a nanny. With the aid of the child prodigy, they gradually unraveled the truth behind the events of five years ago. Ross and Zander were eventually reunited, finding mutual understanding and forgiveness, culminating in a passionate kiss and a renewed bond.

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