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Intertwined Desires: The Love of a Rebel

Introduction: Sold out by someone in dark web, Chloe Morgan bumps into mafia lord, Shaun Luther in the riches’ hunting game. Once an aristocracy, Chloe is now dragged ...

Chloe Morgan, a victim of the dark web’s cruel trade, finds herself entangled in a game of riches and power with Shaun Luther, a formidable mafia lord. Once belonging to the upper echelons of society, Chloe is now plunged into a world of fire and ice by Shaun. In this dance of love and pain, she is both soothed by sweetness and torn by tortures. Despite her countless attempts to flee, Shaun keeps her by his side, bound by an inexplicable mix of affection and obsession. Is it a twisted form of love, or a manifestation of deeper, darker emotions? As they navigate a tumultuous sea of desire and forbidden love, they inflict pain upon each other, yet paradoxically, they are each other’s salvation.

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In the Name of Love
Introduction: Anna Poole had faced hardships since childhood. While trying to resolve a company crisis with her good friend, Serene Cox, Anna was drugged and sold to Mr. King. After Anna injured Mr. King and escaped, she ended up in the room of another man, Zach Howl, who was also under the influence of an aphrodisiac. As a result, they unexpectedly became intimate. As soon as Anna regained consciousness, she decided to confront Serene and accidentally overheard a conspiracy between Serene and the supposedly deceased Bryan Lane. Outraged, Anna confronted Serene, who injured her and caused a fire to start. In a life-threatening situation, Anna was saved by Waver Taylor, who had just returned to the country. Ten months later, she gave birth to twins, and one of them was taken away by the Browns. Along with a doctor, the Brown mother and daughter falsely claimed that the child died to suffocation.

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