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A Wife’s Revenge

Introduction: Subjected to humiliation by her mother-in-law and abuse from her husband, Alicia Reed endures in silence, all for the sake of preserving her family. Desp...

Introducción: A pesar de ser humillada por su suegra y maltratada por su esposo, Alicia Reed soporta en silencio todo, por el bien de preservar su familia. A pesar de que todos ven a Alicia como una campesina, el adulterio de su esposo se convierte en un punto de inflexión. En un giro sorprendente, Alicia se enfrenta a él con un acuerdo de divorcio, revelando su inmensa fortuna. El inesperado resurgir de esta mujer, que parecía haber sido subestimada, reescribe la historia, dejando a su infiel esposo en un estado de pánico.

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Introduction: Due to poverty, Frank Lennon was forsook by his fiancée. The next day, his fiancée realized she got a new boss. And the moment she saw her new boss, she was stunned. Turned out it was Frank! In the past three years, Frank had been mocked and humiliated by his fiancée and her family. Now, having known his true identity, they were really sorry!
Dear Ex-wife, Time To Mask Off
Introduction: Lia kept her identity a secret in order to marry the CEO of Bough Holdings, Sam Bough. However, not only was she humiliated, she had to become a walking bloodbank for Mandy Moore. This devastated her and decided to divorce Sam and reclaim her lost identity. So. this began Sam's arduous journey of winning Lia back.
He and His Troublesome Missus
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Dragon’s Revenge and True Love
Introduction: Three years ago, Jaylen was framed and exiled to guard the Sin Realm for three years. After his return, the nine major families gathered, presenting him with rare treasures, all hoping to win his favor. However, Jaylen rejected everything and returned to the Harrison family, longing to make amends with his wife, Rosie. Jaylen had once been severely injured and saved by Rosie from the Harrison family. In gratitude, he willingly tied the knot with her. However, as soon as he rushed back, Rosie asked for a divorce. It was then that Jaylen stumbled upon a shocking revelation. It wasn't Rosie who had saved him before, but Sherry from the same family. Determined to reclaim what was rightfully his, Jaylen swore he would protect Sherry. Through various trials and obstacles, they finally lived happily ever after.
Badass Bodyguard and His Stunner CEO Wife
Two people who once loved each other separate but later marry without realizing their past connectio
The God of War Returns
Introduction: After years of military service, I became famous in a single battle. However, I suddenly received news that my closest brother had been killed and died with resentment... Now that I have returned with unrivaled power, I will crush my enemies to pieces and make everyone bow to me!

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