[ENG DUB] Ex-husband Proposed Again
Introduction: Before the divorce, Chris Zais deemed Xenia Roberts, a vicious woman who would do anything to get what she wanted. After the divorce, Chris calmly said, "If you regret it. I can give you another chance." Speechless, Xenia rejected, "Thank you for your offer. But no thanks."
[ENG DUB] In the Lap of Luxury
Introduction: Despite being married for three years, Muse Dawn doesn't even get to hold hands with Jim Hawkins, let alone bear a child for him. After surviving a plane crash, Muse finds herself in the hospital, where she sees Jim accompanying another woman for a prenatal checkup. This makes Muse realize Jim's never had space in his heart for her. As soon as she ends the relationship, Muse changes back to the granddaughter of the world's wealthiest man. Since she can't be Jim's wife, she'll be his nemesis instead. She'd like to see who's the unworthy one now!
His Daily Persistence After Divorce
Introduction: Three years ago, in an unexpected encounter, Jude Miller cured the insomnia of Ethan Gray, the CEO of Gray Corp. This led to an agreement for them to get married. However, three years later, Jude finds herself expelled by her malevolent mother-in-law and Ethan's mistress. While Ethan cold-heartedly watches Jude suffer, little does he know about her true identity...
Our Accidental Divorce
Introduction: Yvonne Birch and Gerald Lawson have been married for three years with a lukewarm relationship. Things take a turn when Gerald's first love unexpectedly returns. Gerald decides to divorce Yvonne, prompting her and her best friend to catch him in the act of infidelity. It's only at the moment of divorce that Gerald realizes he never truly understood his wife. Regretful after the divorce, he desperately tries to win her back, leading to a dramatic pursuit.
My Five Guardian Dads
Introduction: Just because she was a helpless orphan, her mother-in-law insulted her, her husband had an affair with a rich girl, and even forced her to divorce and give him the house left by her mother! As she lay helpless on that rainy night, suddenly five men claiming to be her fathers appeared, one was a billionaire real estate tycoon, one was an international movie star, one was a world-renowned top doctor, one was a top scientist, and one was the leader of a global mercenary organization! Then she gradually learned the story of her parents. It didn't matter who her real father was, what mattered was that her fathers loved her and spoilt her, helped her get back at the bullies, and made her life smooth sailing from then on to the top of the world!
Revenge Begins with Divorce
Introduction: Framed, locked down, thrust into war! After six years, he reigns supreme! Back in town, he discovers his beloved godfather slain. His wife bore him a daughter, yearning for his return...
Baby Genius Saves the World
Introduction: To save her grandfather, Ross Hanks, whose family was in dire straits, reluctantly agreed to divorce Zander at the insistence of the Morrison family. Additionally, she relinquished custody of the baby she was carrying to the Morrison family. Five years later, Ross's grandfather passed away, and Zander lost his memory in a car accident. Meanwhile, Ross received an unexpected offer from the Morrison family to work as a babysitter. With the help of the baby genius, they eventually uncovered the truth of what had transpired five years ago. Ross and Zander reconciled and found understanding, culminating in a heartfelt kiss and reconciliation.
My Ex-Wife, My Dream Lover
Introduction: On the day of Ivy Shaw and William Wilson's flash marriage, William went abroad for work, instructing his assistant to collect the marriage certificate on his behalf. He did not even know his wife.Two years later, Ivy, while drinking at a bar, fell victim to a setup and mistakenly spent a night with William. She discreetly slipped away.Unaware that Ivy was his wife, William divorced her. Through a twist of fate, Ivy later became William's psychologist. As they spent time together, William fell in love with Ivy, only to discover later that she was his former wife.
I Used to Be Enchanted by You
Introduction: Cassiel Davy carried a noticeable scar on her face as she embraced the role of a homemaker for almost three years. Despite her mother-in-law's affection, her husband Joshua Easton showed a clear aversion. Awakening to her true self, she bravely proposed a divorce, shedding not just the scar but also her homemaker persona. Returning to her authentic identity as the globally celebrated writer, Mya, she embarked on a journey to reclaim her own path.
A Wife’s Revenge
Introduction: Subjected to humiliation by her mother-in-law and abuse from her husband, Alicia Reed endures in silence, all for the sake of preserving her family. Despite everyone's perception of Alicia as a country bumpkin, her husband's infidelity becomes a turning point. In a surprising twist, Alicia confronts him with a divorce agreement, unveiling her immense wealth. The unexpected resilience of this seemingly underestimated woman reshapes the narrative, leaving her unfaithful husband in a state of panic.
Dear Ex-wife, Time To Mask Off
Introduction: Lia kept her identity a secret in order to marry the CEO of Bough Holdings, Sam Bough. However, not only was she humiliated, she had to become a walking bloodbank for Mandy Moore. This devastated her and decided to divorce Sam and reclaim her lost identity. So. this began Sam's arduous journey of winning Lia back.
After Divorce, My Ex Pines For Me
Introduction: After being driven out by her despicable ex-husband, Mia Leaf encounters her long-lost father who has also been looking for her over the years. With her father's help, she makes her ex pay for all that he has done to her.
Madam, the World Awaits Your Divorce
Introduction: Linda Sue, the youngest female billionaire, faces a media frenzy upon landing. When asked about her divorce from Ian Bones, she jokes about rushing home to inherit her massive fortune. Ian, equally wealthy, proposes that Linda inherits his family fortune instead.
Goodbye, My Former Love
Introduction: Ella concealed her identity and spent four years married to Ash, yet it proved insufficient to withstand the allure of a first love. Consequently, despite being seven months pregnant, Ella had to endure a harrowing Cesarean section. Leaving behind a divorce agreement, Ella reclaimed her status as the heiress of a wealthy family, driving Ash to the brink of insanity.
My Mute Wife
Introduction: Cassie Rivers, the stepdaughter of the Hill family, endured bullying at school due to her inability to speak. Her stepbrother, Dylan Hill, stepped up to protect her, and on that fateful day, she fell in love with him.After graduation, she married the man she loved - Dylan, only to be informed that it was a sham marriage. Enduring both physical and emotional torment, she attempted suicide and lost her memory. However, he finally found...
Love Triangle with Three Magnates
Introduction: Claire Gould, the heiress of a billion-dollar conglomerate, conceals her identity to repay a life-saving favor by marrying a commoner. Little did she know that after personally guiding her husband's company to become a multimillion-dollar conglomerate on the brink of going public, he callously casts her aside, opting to marry the niece of the wealthiest man in town.Post-divorce, Claire's true identity is exposed, leading to a satisfying comeuppance for the deceitful ex-husband and his conniving new wife. Despite his regret, it's too late for him to reclaim what he lost. Claire finds herself adored and cherished by three influential and eligible bachelors, leaving her ex-husband to rue the day he let go of the woman now embraced by the affections of powerful suitors.