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Dear Ex-wife, Time To Mask Off

Introduction: Lia kept her identity a secret in order to marry the CEO of Bough Holdings, Sam Bough. However, not only was she humiliated, she had to become a walking ...

Sam Bough, the CEO of Bough Holdings, found himself in a challenging predicament after his secretive marriage to Lia, who was forced to conceal her true identity, ended in divorce. The primary reason for their separation was Lia’s discovery that she was being used not only as a mere secret wife but also as a “walking bloodbank” for Sam’s sister, Mandy Moore. This revelation was a double blow to Lia, who had already sacrificed her identity for love. Heartbroken and determined to reclaim her lost sense of self, Lia decided to divorce Sam and start anew. This marked the beginning of Sam’s uphill battle to win back Lia’s trust and love, a journey fraught with obstacles and self-discovery.

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