Destined Redemption
Introduction: After experiencing a period of boyfriend's domestic violence, Joyce move to a new city by the suggestion of her best friend. she met a handsome and helpful neighbor called carl when she arrived at her new apartment,but their relationship turned a sharply down because the room is not soundproofed and Joyce can always hear carl make love with other girls. However it is also carl when Joyce’s ex-boyfriend pretended to be a good person and try to approaching her again , he help Joyce get rid of ex boyfriend's harassment and Joyce finally fall in love with carl.
[ENG DUB] Spoiled By My Boss After Marriage
Introduction: A talented but poor woman finds out her boyfriend cheated on her during an interview. Disappointed, she agrees to a fake engagement with the powerful CEO. Surprisingly, he makes it real and treats her lovingly. Together, they expose the cheaters, leading her to unexpected success. She triumphs over challenges, singing her way to victory.
Love is a Lullaby
Introduction: Clara unexpectedly sleeps with Asher. However, Mandy later takes credit for it. Worse, Asher mistakenly believes she is the daughter of the man who saved his life. So he promises to marry her. On the other hand, Asher's stepmother forces Clara to marry Asher. So he suspects Clara to be a spy and insists on divorcing her. When will he find out the truth?
Tempting Beauty
Introduction: In their childhood, Rebecca and Marcus were once neighbors. Rebecca's world crumbled when her father was betrayed and perished in flames, while Marcus, taken in by the affluent Lewis family, grew into a scion of wealth. Over a decade later, Rebecca uncovers the shocking truth that the man behind both her misfortune and fortune is none other than Marcus. Their fates, entwined since youth.
Empire of Favor: The Power Play
Introduction: Modern-day doctor Luna Winslow accidentally travels back to ancient times and becomes the unfavored consort of Lord Henry Reign. Little did she know, there was a deep-seated grudge between her and Lord Henry from their past lives. Upon her arrival, she encounters severely wounded patients and narrowly avoids being wrongfully imprisoned. As their paths continuously cross and clash, their relationship gradually transitions from estrangement to closeness, ultimately coming together in true love.
The Charming Flash Marriage Wife
Introduction: After her sister snatched away her boyfriend, Hannah Johnston ends up marrying the formidable business tycoon, Derek Taylor. Rumor has it she's not just skilled in handling public relations and car racing but is also a globally recognized designer!Taking note of her soaring fame, Derek assertively stakes his claim on her. Out of the blue, a little kid rushes forward and clings to Hannah's leg. "She's mine!"
Cutie On The Loose: CEO’s Wife, No Hiding Allowed
Introduction: Aria Fox is the adorable little girl who was by Sam Roy's side since childhood. However, Sam confuses her with her sister Cleo Fox and subjects her to repeated teasing and torment. It's a rollercoaster of trials until the truth is finally revealed. Watch as Sam Roy, the formidable CEO, grapples with remorse upon discovering his error.
Her Puppy Boyfriend
Introduction: Keen Group's vice president, Yvonne Baker, caught her fiancé, Yuri Green, cheating at their wedding. She canceled the wedding at once and then crossed paths with Jones Group's heir, Nathan Jones. Nathan swooped in, backed her up, and ended up stuck with Yvonne. When Yvonne's mom pushed for a wedding, Nathan laid on the love. Yvonne's ex, Yosef Shawn, died to save her from a trap set by Jessica Keen. Yvonne hustled up the ladder, snagging the VP spot, and dealing with Jessica's drama until Nathan helped her serve up payback. Nathan's love melted Yvonne's cold heart. Together, they brought down Jessica and Yuri, capping it all with a swanky wedding.
Double-Faced Wifey With a Wild Side
Introduction: Avery's younger brother, Owen Cooper, has fled to escape his debts. To seek help, Avery impersonates her brother and turns to Wilson for assistance. Wilson Collins, the heir of Collins Corporation, blushes in front of her and asks for her medical help as he confesses that he has fallen for a man. Little does Wilson know that the man he's fallen in love with is, in fact, Avery herself.
Puzzles of Love
Introduction: When a disagreement arises between the CEO and his wife, what happens when a sales director becomes entangled in the situation?
My Destitute Husband Turns Out to be the CEO?!
Introduction: Lina, who is from an extremely wealthy family, decided to be a delivery man in order to escape from the arranged marriage her father set up for her. However, fate decided to let her run into Shaun Chilton, the CEO of a very powerful company. This meeting sparked love between the duo, but unfortunately, not only did she not make any money, she had to spend more money to...
Surrender to Baby Bliss
Introduction: Leslie Hill was deeply hurt by her beloved man, Kim Lee, who not only reportedly ruined her family, but also kept her confined to a mental asylum. With great endeavor, Leslie escaped from the asylum, but unexpectedly, she found herself pregnant. Five years later, Leslie got close to Kim with the purpose of saving her ailing son.
Into His Embrace: The Temptation of Mr. Sapir
Introduction: As the most powerful man in Rivton City, Barlow Sapir hated the most when women threw themselves at him. However, the first time he met Elvira Ann, the latter solemnly declared, "I'm not interested in you, Barlow Sapir." The second time, she swore to God, "I won't sleep with you." Then there was the third time… the fourth time… But little did Elvira know, Barlow Sapir desired nothing more than her love. The more she tried to get rid of him, the more he yearned for her. What could she do?
Dual Identity: CEO’s Commanding Love
Introduction: In order to defend herself, Fiona decided to marry a comatosed man. However, never did she expect that she would be surprised by a mysterious man in her husband's home. This distraught her greatly as not only would she have to endure constant humiliation by her in-laws during the day, she would be bothered by the mysterious stranger at night. The only support she had was her comatosed husband. Everything seemed like a huge conspiracy to her and this sent her into a downward spiral until finally, she found out that the mysterious man turned out to be.....
Love’s Lock: Irresistible Desires
Introduction: The discomfort in his heart only grew more intense when he saw someone being embraced inside the private room. Finding an excuse, he left the room and forcefully pulled the woman at the end of the corridor into his arms to fiercely kiss her. At this point, the only thing that occupied his mind was how to make her his.
[ENG DUB] Lovestruck Duo
Introduction: Due to a string of misfortune, Summer was set up by her step sister which resulted in her getting pregnant. This was four years ago and when she returned home, she had twins and recognized the mask wearing Sean as the father of her children. However, little did she know that the man was also her boss.
Don’t Spoil Me So Much!
Introduction: Banished in her early years, she's reluctantly brought back home to stand in for her sister in an arranged marriage. At first, she and her disabled husband can't stand each other, but as they spend more time together, a bond forms, sparking an unexpected romance. Together, they embark on a journey of revenge.
My Guardian CEO Descends from Heaven
Introduction: She was a destitute and poor woman living under someone else's roof, forced to take the blame for someone else's crimes and later forced into a transaction that resulted in her becoming pregnant.He was the wealthy and powerful young master of Williamstown, who believed that she was a corrupted and greedy woman with a tainted reputation.Unable to bear being near him, she disappeared from his side.In a fit of rage, he searched everywhere and eventually captured her.
From Rags to Riches: CEO Romance
Introduction: On the eve of her wedding, Rachel Werner discovers her fiancé's infidelity. In a fit of anger, she impulsively marries a beggar. To her surprise, her beggar husband turns out to be a handsome man who dotes on her every day. Expecting an ordinary married life, she is shocked to discover that her seemingly destitute husband is actually a billionaire CEO!
Coma Husband’s Awakening
Introduction: Caught in the schemes of her cunning stepmother and pressured by her father's threats, Marie Cob reluctantly entered into matrimony with Mr. Mew, who lay in a comatose state. Despite widespread expectations of a doomed union, Marie was taken aback when her mother-in-law casually handed her an ATM card loaded with millions. On their wedding night, much to everyone's surprise, the seemingly unconscious Mr. Mew slowly stirred to awareness.
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