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Love’s Lock: Irresistible Desires

Introduction: The discomfort in his heart only grew more intense when he saw someone being embraced inside the private room. Finding an excuse, he left the room and fo...

Introducción: El desconfort en su corazón solo se hizo más intenso cuando vio a alguien siendo abrazado dentro de la habitación privada. Buscando un pretexto, abandonó el lugar y forzó a la mujer del final del pasillo a entrar en sus brazos para besarla con fuerza. En ese momento, lo único que ocupaba su mente era cómo hacerla suya.

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Introduction: Despite the failure of Maya Rogers' blind date, fate led her to encounter someone she initially believed to be the CEO's chauffeur. Following a spontaneous marriage, she watched as numerous property deeds and lavish jewelry worth millions were delivered to her doorstep. It was in that moment of opulence that she discovered the undeniable truth—her husband was none other than the billionaire CEO!
Unexpected Billionaire: Accidental Marriage
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