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My Guardian CEO Descends from Heaven

Introduction: She was a destitute and poor woman living under someone else's roof, forced to take the blame for someone else's crimes and later forced into a transacti...

Introducción: Ella era una mujer pobre y desamparada que vivía bajo el techo de otra persona, obligada a asumir la culpa por los crímenes de otros y luego obligada a un trato que la hizo quedar embarazada. Él era el joven y poderoso señor de Williamstown, quien creyó que ella era una mujer corrompida y codiciosa con una reputación manchada. incapaz de soportar estar cerca de él, desapareció de su lado. En un ataque de cólera, buscó por todas partes y finalmente la capturó.

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Forget Me Not: Omega’s Return
Introduction: Elena, a downtrodden werewolf, crosses paths with Theodore, the seemingly merciless Alpha of the Blackvine pack. Their encounter sparks a revelation: they are fated mates. As passion ignites, they are thrust into a perilous dance, battling against societal divides and formidable adversaries. The burning question looms large: will their love conquer the insurmountable odds, or will fate cruelly tear them apart?
Love by Contract
Introduction: Working at an adult novelty shop, Nia Turner discovers one day that one of her customers is actually her husband, Marcus Hayes. Worse, he is having an affair with her half-sister, Arielle. Overwhelmed with humiliation, Nia drowns her sorrows in a nightclub, where she crosses paths with Leo Mitchell, a rich tycoon. After they strike a deal and enter into a fake marriage, true romance blossoms despite themselves, and Nia receives valuable support from Leo in her career. As she rises to become a successful CEO of Starlight Entertainment, both her personal and professional lives reach new heights of achievement.
Don’t Spoil Me So Much!
Introduction: Banished in her early years, she's reluctantly brought back home to stand in for her sister in an arranged marriage. At first, she and her disabled husband can't stand each other, but as they spend more time together, a bond forms, sparking an unexpected romance. Together, they embark on a journey of revenge.
Into His Embrace: The Temptation of Mr. Sapir
Introduction: As the most powerful man in Rivton City, Barlow Sapir hated the most when women threw themselves at him. However, the first time he met Elvira Ann, the latter solemnly declared, "I'm not interested in you, Barlow Sapir." The second time, she swore to God, "I won't sleep with you." Then there was the third time… the fourth time… But little did Elvira know, Barlow Sapir desired nothing more than her love. The more she tried to get rid of him, the more he yearned for her. What could she do?
Never Too Late for Love
Introduction: A daughter of a wealthy family was swapped out at birth. From then on, she had been on the receiving end of bullying and malicious schemes until a rich, young man came along and showered her with love.
Blocked by Love
Introduction: Seven years ago, Rose Jonas and her mother were involved in a car accident, Rose's unfortunately became a vegetable. Three years ago, Rose, a college graduate, married Gerald, the CEO of Riversoul Group, whom he had only seen a few times before. After three years of marriage, Rose had always misunderstood that Gerald liked Kathy Yvonne. After repeated misunderstandings, Rose became disheartened and decided to divorce. He also hired a Andrologist for Gerald as the reason for his divorce. After the divorce, Gerald began to pursue his wife.

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