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[ENG DUB] Lovestruck Duo

Introduction: Due to a string of misfortune, Summer was set up by her step sister which resulted in her getting pregnant. This was four years ago and when she returned...

Introducción: Debido a una serie de desgracias, Summer fue engañada por su hermanastra, lo que condujo a que quedara embarazada. Eso fue hace cuatro años y al regresar a casa, tenía gemelos y reconoció al Sean, con mascarilla puesta, como el padre de sus hijos. Sin embargo, no sabía que el hombre también era su jefe.

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Introduction: A talented but poor woman finds out her boyfriend cheated on her during an interview. Disappointed, she agrees to a fake engagement with the powerful CEO. Surprisingly, he makes it real and treats her lovingly. Together, they expose the cheaters, leading her to unexpected success. She triumphs over challenges, singing her way to victory.
My Gangster Wife
Introduction: Mandy Gibson was set to be the legal successor of Gibson Corporation, but when her mother died of a plane accident, her father was bewitched by his mistress Landy Chapman and her daughter Ruby Gibson. To get to the bottom of her mother's death and get back what belonged to her, Mandy Gibson trudged along her path of revenge. As fate would have it, she ended up getting Leo Harper, the heir of Harper Group, involved along the way...
Tempting Beauty
Introduction: In their childhood, Rebecca and Marcus were once neighbors. Rebecca's world crumbled when her father was betrayed and perished in flames, while Marcus, taken in by the affluent Lewis family, grew into a scion of wealth. Over a decade later, Rebecca uncovers the shocking truth that the man behind both her misfortune and fortune is none other than Marcus. Their fates, entwined since youth.
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Beware My CEO Mommy
Introduction: Casey, marked by a birthmark on her face, faced rejection from her fiancé. Uniting with her step-sister, they plotted against her, but fate intervened, leading her to a chance encounter with the wealthy Levi. Little did she know, Casey herself was the long-lost heiress of a prestigious family. Five years later, having taken control of the family business, Casey returns with a vengeance, accompanied by her child.
Cutie On The Loose: CEO’s Wife, No Hiding Allowed
Introduction: Aria Fox is the adorable little girl who was by Sam Roy's side since childhood. However, Sam confuses her with her sister Cleo Fox and subjects her to repeated teasing and torment. It's a rollercoaster of trials until the truth is finally revealed. Watch as Sam Roy, the formidable CEO, grapples with remorse upon discovering his error.

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