Short playRomance

Double-Faced Wifey With a Wild Side

Introduction: Avery's younger brother, Owen Cooper, has fled to escape his debts. To seek help, Avery impersonates her brother and turns to Wilson for assistance. Wils...

Introducción: El hermano menor de Avery, Owen Cooper, ha huido para escapar de sus deudas. Para pedir ayuda, Avery asume la identidad de su hermano y acude a Wilson para pedirle ayuda. Wilson Collins, el heredero de Collins Corporation, se ruboriza frente a ella y le pide ayuda médica al confesar que se ha enamorado de un hombre. Sin embargo, Wilson no sabe que el hombre al que ha enamorado es, en realidad, Avery misma.

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Into His Embrace: The Temptation of Mr. Sapir
Introduction: As the most powerful man in Rivton City, Barlow Sapir hated the most when women threw themselves at him. However, the first time he met Elvira Ann, the latter solemnly declared, "I'm not interested in you, Barlow Sapir." The second time, she swore to God, "I won't sleep with you." Then there was the third time… the fourth time… But little did Elvira know, Barlow Sapir desired nothing more than her love. The more she tried to get rid of him, the more he yearned for her. What could she do?

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