Short playBillionaire/CEORomance

Henry's Imprisoned Wife

Henry Saber's wife finds herself imprisoned—literally—and tortured by his own hands, leading her to

Henry Saber’s wife discovers that she has been metaphorically and emotionally confined, subjected to his manipulation and torment, causing her to lose all hope in their partnership and depart from him. Despite this, Henry is adamant about not allowing their bond to end, asserting that if she decided to remain in his life, she would be with him for eternity…

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Introduction: Aspiring painter Celine Anderson catches boyfriend Daniel cheating with her half sister Bella at a banquet. Seeking revenge, she kisses a stranger, Theodore Kane, who happens to be a major art investor and a billionaire. Theodore proposes marriage to appease his mother for her surgery, and Celine agrees if he grants her three wishes. Theodore must marry by 35 to inherit his family's fortune, and his siblings try to thwart the union. Amidst the chaos, Celine discovers her true identity.
The Unwanted Cinderella’s Transformation
Introduction: Estella Graham, who was pure and kind, was discovered not to be the biological daughter of the Graham family. All of a sudden, Estella became a fake daughter who everyone shouted for. Not only did his childhood sweetheart, fiancé Hanrick Scott, get involved with the real daughter Marina Graham, but he was also drugged by Hanrick and had a one night stand with Elijah Scott, the chief executive of the Scott family. After waking up, Estella Graham knew everything and resolutely left the Graham family to seek refuge with his best friend. What she didn't know was that Elijah could only relieve his mania on Estella, so he kept investigating her who had a one night stand with him at that time...
My Comatose Husband Wakes Up
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The Elegy Of A Lost Romance
Introduction: Six years ago, Vivian Yeo basked in the lap of luxury as the pampered heiress of a wealthy family, while Tristan Starling grappled with the challenges of an impoverished life.Little do they expect their fates to take a surprising twist six years later. Vivian, once surrounded by opulence, now stands as a single mother confronting life's hurdles. Meanwhile, Tristan has risen to prominence on the global billionaire list.
A Heart’s Untold Truth
Introduction: Amelia Russo has loved Shawn Butler for many years, but his heart remains steadfast in its longing for his first love. Determined, Amelia gracefully steps aside to make room for that woman.Shawn deludes into believing his happiness lies in Amelia's absence and jolts by an unexpected revelation upon receiving her medical card. "Shawn Butler, as the final days of my life trickle away, I no longer choose to waste my love on you."

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