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The Divorced Billionaire Heiress

Introduction: Nicole Stanton, the richest young woman in the world, showed up in a low profile at the airport but she was immediately swarmed by reporters.Reporter ask...

Introducción: Nicole Stanton, la mujer joven más rica del mundo, apareció en el aeropuerto con una baja profundidad, pero fue inmediatamente rodeada por reporteros. Un reportero preguntó: “Señorita Stanton, ¿por qué terminó su matrimonio de tres años con el señor Ferguson?” Ella sonrió y dijo: “Porque tengo que heredar mi fortuna familiar de mil millones de dólares…”

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Introduction: Yasmine Lynch was switched at birth and raised as the daughter of the Scotts for twenty years. When the Scotts learn the truth, their behavior towards Yasmine changes completely. Mistakenly believing that Kate Scott is his lifesaver, Calix Jacot proposes marriage to the Scott family. Later, he soon discovers that Yasmine also has a similar scar, complicating matters. Yasmine uses this to coerce Kate into funding her to open a store. However, Kate kidnaps Yasmine instead. Upon receiving the news, the Lynches immediately reveal their identity and launch a search to find Yasmine.
Coma Husband’s Awakening
Introduction: Caught in the schemes of her cunning stepmother and pressured by her father's threats, Marie Cob reluctantly entered into matrimony with Mr. Mew, who lay in a comatose state. Despite widespread expectations of a doomed union, Marie was taken aback when her mother-in-law casually handed her an ATM card loaded with millions. On their wedding night, much to everyone's surprise, the seemingly unconscious Mr. Mew slowly stirred to awareness.
He and His Troublesome Missus
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Betrayed by Ex, I Marry His Uncle
Introduction: Betrayed by a scoundrel, Tasha Lars unexpectedly weds a wealthy man Chris Boas in a flash. Post-marriage, Chris' single remark leads to the immediate downfall of the scoundrel!
Whispers of Retribution: Love and Lies
Introduction: Zoey Nance was framed and lost the trust of her beloved. Her husband, Jace Foster, mistakenly believed that Zoey betrayed him, leading to a tumultuous mix of love and hatred. Under the manipulation of a third party, Julia, the misunderstandings between them deepened, ultimately resulting in their son's congenital heart condition worsening to a life-threatening state. When the truth finally came to light, and the mastermind behind the deceit faced consequences, Zoey vanished from Jace's world forever, taking their son with her.
Unrivaled Divine Doctor
Introduction: Intern doctor, Harvey York, hit rock bottom when his girlfriend betrayed him. After inheriting his family's medical and martial arts knowledge, his life began to turn around!

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