Love Triangle

Destined Redemption
Introduction: After experiencing a period of boyfriend's domestic violence, Joyce move to a new city by the suggestion of her best friend. she met a handsome and helpful neighbor called carl when she arrived at her new apartment,but their relationship turned a sharply down because the room is not soundproofed and Joyce can always hear carl make love with other girls. However it is also carl when Joyce’s ex-boyfriend pretended to be a good person and try to approaching her again , he help Joyce get rid of ex boyfriend's harassment and Joyce finally fall in love with carl.
[ENG DUB] In the Lap of Luxury
Introduction: Despite being married for three years, Muse Dawn doesn't even get to hold hands with Jim Hawkins, let alone bear a child for him. After surviving a plane crash, Muse finds herself in the hospital, where she sees Jim accompanying another woman for a prenatal checkup. This makes Muse realize Jim's never had space in his heart for her. As soon as she ends the relationship, Muse changes back to the granddaughter of the world's wealthiest man. Since she can't be Jim's wife, she'll be his nemesis instead. She'd like to see who's the unworthy one now!
Our Accidental Divorce
Introduction: Yvonne Birch and Gerald Lawson have been married for three years with a lukewarm relationship. Things take a turn when Gerald's first love unexpectedly returns. Gerald decides to divorce Yvonne, prompting her and her best friend to catch him in the act of infidelity. It's only at the moment of divorce that Gerald realizes he never truly understood his wife. Regretful after the divorce, he desperately tries to win her back, leading to a dramatic pursuit.
The Rich Lady Clocks In
Introduction: Zoe Wade finds herself falsely accused. Oblivious to the truth, Tim Hart seeks retribution by sending her to a mental hospital. In the nick of time, Sam Lowe intervenes and whisks Zoe away. Meanwhile, the Harts rush over to Lowe Residence, determined to bring Zoe with them.
A Heart’s Untold Truth
Introduction: Amelia Russo has loved Shawn Butler for many years, but his heart remains steadfast in its longing for his first love. Determined, Amelia gracefully steps aside to make room for that woman.Shawn deludes into believing his happiness lies in Amelia's absence and jolts by an unexpected revelation upon receiving her medical card. "Shawn Butler, as the final days of my life trickle away, I no longer choose to waste my love on you."
[ENG DUB] Misunderstood Love
Introduction: "Give me another chance." He said in a hoarse voice. His voice was always like music to her ears. She smiled. "Mr. Jones, we're only in a contracted relationship." Her past was left on the day she gave birth to a stillborn and was abandoned in a mental hospital five years ago. While he was only one of the chess pieces in her game.
Enchanted in Every Step
Introduction: I am a fraud master who manipulated countless men, but a man named Ian Shaw effortlessly overturned all my achievements.
Love Runs Deep Like Poison
Introduction: Olivia Turner loved Zacharias Larson for nine years, but in the tenth year, she found herself imprisoned by Zacharias's own hands. Falsely accused of her grandfather's death and giving birth to another man's child, Olivia faced a wrongful sentence. The true culprit behind the conspiracy was her sister, mistakenly raised by the Turner family and later recognized into the affluent Larson family. Deception, identity substitution, and framing orchestrated Olivia's downfall. It wasn't until the brink of death that Olivia discovered the truth. Yet, Zacharias, the one person she needed to believe her, remained skeptical. Only upon witnessing her lifeless body did he descend into madness.
[ENG DUB] Pampered by her Ex-Husband
Introduction: Sarah Young had a crush on Zain Xavier for seven years. Unexpectedly, she became his wife, and everyone laughed at her for going from rags to riches. However, she ignored them and only cared that Zain was finally hers. When they got married, she didn't care if he didn't love her now. She was confident he would fall in love with her in the end. However, it soon became boring as Zain was never interested. Sarah felt that she was rich, pretty, and had amazing curves. Why should she waste her time on a cold robot like Zain? Immediately after coming to her senses, she slammed the divorce papers before Zain. After that, they would both go on different paths. Zain could hit the high road while she had fun with young, handsome men. After the divorce, Zain often found his ex-wife's scandals on the trending list. Last night she was captured having dinner with the new rich in xx tech company, and today she was building a new "love nest" with a handsome internet celebrity??? Zain threw his phone away and cursed, "Fuck with this love nest! That's my woman!" To that, Sarah, who was enjoying life, replied, "Sir, who are you?" 
Jailed Bird
Introduction: Hera has been abused by her step father for a long time, until she enters the art department of Ston College and meets her classmates Brad and Yoanna. The three of them become good friends by chance. Brad and Yoanna's care for Hera makes her gradually feel the beauty of freedom and gives her the idea to rebel against David and break through the ball cage. But freedom is not easy to come by, and Hera pays a painful price for this new life...
Madam, the World Awaits Your Divorce
Introduction: Linda Sue, the youngest female billionaire, faces a media frenzy upon landing. When asked about her divorce from Ian Bones, she jokes about rushing home to inherit her massive fortune. Ian, equally wealthy, proposes that Linda inherits his family fortune instead.
Don’t Mess With the Heiress
Introduction: The wealthiest tycoon's daughter, Eva Stone, conceals her identity to be with the financially struggling Wills Zuck. However, Wills, driven by ambitions to align himself with the influential, betrays her by having an affair with the impostor, Lina Clark, who poses as Eva Stone. In the ultimate revelation, Eva unveils her true identity, delivering a resounding blow to the unfaithful man and deceitful woman in a compelling tale of intrigue and personal triumph.
The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Introduction: Nicole Stanton, the richest young woman in the world, showed up in a low profile at the airport but she was immediately swarmed by reporters.Reporter asked,“Ms. Stanton, why did your three-year marriage with Mr. Ferguson come to an end?”She smiled and said,“Because I have to inherit my billion-dollar family fortune…”
[ENG DUB] My Ex-husband Can’t Stop Chasing Me After Divorce
Introduction: For three years, Emily Davis faithfully carried out her duties as Benjamin Parker's wife, believing her gentleness could eventually thaw his heart. Sadly, she came to realize that her efforts were in vain. Disheartened, she made the difficult decision to end their marriage. Emily, determined to focus on her career and avoid past mistakes, remains steadfast. Benjamin, however, refuses to give up. Hence, he embarks on a journey to win back his wife's heart.
[ENG DUB] Please Behave Yourself, Mr. Gordon
Introduction: She was bullied after marrying into a rich family. However, her life took a huge change after the divorce. She inherited billions from her family and had a glamorous transformation. 
The Forbidden Love
Introduction: Finally out of Jail, with only $5 in her pocket, Jane end up at "Parasides", a strip club at downtown of Los Angeles. She wants to start her new life here, but meeting the man who put her in Jail--Sean. With a slave contract signed, Jane asks the club manager "Please make me the best girl here"...
Love’s U-Turn,From a Mistake
Introduction: Before a chaotic and mesmerizing party night, Madeline never imagined she would truly end up with Jeremy. After their unexpected marriage, however, they drift further apart. In her most desperate moments, Madeline discovers that she has already captured Jeremy's heart without realizing it.
Love Triangle with Three Magnates
Introduction: Claire Gould, the heiress of a billion-dollar conglomerate, conceals her identity to repay a life-saving favor by marrying a commoner. Little did she know that after personally guiding her husband's company to become a multimillion-dollar conglomerate on the brink of going public, he callously casts her aside, opting to marry the niece of the wealthiest man in town.Post-divorce, Claire's true identity is exposed, leading to a satisfying comeuppance for the deceitful ex-husband and his conniving new wife. Despite his regret, it's too late for him to reclaim what he lost. Claire finds herself adored and cherished by three influential and eligible bachelors, leaving her ex-husband to rue the day he let go of the woman now embraced by the affections of powerful suitors.
The Alpha’s Rejected Mate
Introduction: Mira kills her alpha's brother on her 18th birthday. To make matters worse, the alpha is Mira's mate and he witnesses that. Mira is relegated to be a slave and locked in a dungeon. She's in deep distress. Will a visit from the alpha king bring an unexpected turn?
[ENG DUB] The Formidable Rich Ex-wife
Introduction: In a world of wealth and privilege, she's the heiress to a vast fortune. Out of gratitude for saving her life, she marries her vegetative husband for many years. However, her world shatters when he wakes up and betrays her, choosing his former lover over her. Devastated but undeterred, she finds her strength and exposes the truth about the deceitful couple. Along the way, she discovers her own resilience and worth. While her ex-husband regrets his choices, she finds unexpected love in the arms of a younger man who appreciates her for who she truly is.