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[ENG DUB] Pampered by her Ex-Husband

Introduction: Sarah Young had a crush on Zain Xavier for seven years. Unexpectedly, she became his wife, and everyone laughed at her for going from rags to riches. How...

Sarah Young had harbored a secret affection for Zain Xavier for a full seven years. In a turn of events that surprised everyone, she became his wife, and many scoffed at her perceived rise from poverty to wealth. Yet, she paid them no heed, her sole focus being the fact that Zain was now hers. Upon their marriage, she was unconcerned that he did not return her affections at present. She was certain that, in time, he would come to love her. But as days passed and Zain showed no interest, Sarah grew weary of his indifference. She believed herself to be rich, beautiful, and endowed with enviable curves. Why, she thought, should she waste her youth on a man as cold as a robot? With a sudden clarity, she presented Zain with divorce papers. From then on, they would go their separate ways. Zain could take the high road, while she indulged in the company of young, handsome men. After their divorce, Zain often found his ex-wife’s name trending, embroiled in one scandal after another. One day, she was spotted having dinner with the new tech mogul, and the next, she was rumored to be building a “love nest” with a handsome social media star. Frustrated, Zain threw his phone aside, cursing, “To hell with her love nest! She’s my woman!” To this, Sarah, who was reveling in her newfound freedom, retorted, “Sir, who are you?”

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