Short playRomance

The Rich Lady Clocks In

Introduction: Zoe Wade finds herself falsely accused. Oblivious to the truth, Tim Hart seeks retribution by sending her to a mental hospital. In the nick of time, Sam ...

Introducción: Zoe Wade se encuentra acusada falsamente. Desconocedora de la verdad, Tim Hart busca venganza al enviarla a un hospital psiquiátrico. A última hora, Sam Lowe interviene y lleva a Zoe lejos. Mientras tanto, los Hart corren a la Residencia Lowe, decididos a traer a Zoe con ellos.

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Introduction: For three years, Emily Davis faithfully carried out her duties as Benjamin Parker's wife, believing her gentleness could eventually thaw his heart. Sadly, she came to realize that her efforts were in vain. Disheartened, she made the difficult decision to end their marriage. Emily, determined to focus on her career and avoid past mistakes, remains steadfast. Benjamin, however, refuses to give up. Hence, he embarks on a journey to win back his wife's heart.
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Introduction: For three years, Miss Nora Webb has been tortured by her husband, Sam Gardner, for no reason and she could do nothing when her grandmother and the child in her womb were schemed against by the cunning woman, Lina Lennox. All these changes originated from three years ago. So, what exactly happened during the time she was in a coma from a car accident three years ago? Why does her once loving husband now hate her to the bone, acknowledging Lina Lennox as his life-saving benefactor? Why did Nora Webb's family go bankrupt, and why did her parents jump from a building and end their lives?
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Introduction: Sarah Young had a crush on Zain Xavier for seven years. Unexpectedly, she became his wife, and everyone laughed at her for going from rags to riches. However, she ignored them and only cared that Zain was finally hers. When they got married, she didn't care if he didn't love her now. She was confident he would fall in love with her in the end. However, it soon became boring as Zain was never interested. Sarah felt that she was rich, pretty, and had amazing curves. Why should she waste her time on a cold robot like Zain? Immediately after coming to her senses, she slammed the divorce papers before Zain. After that, they would both go on different paths. Zain could hit the high road while she had fun with young, handsome men. After the divorce, Zain often found his ex-wife's scandals on the trending list. Last night she was captured having dinner with the new rich in xx tech company, and today she was building a new "love nest" with a handsome internet celebrity??? Zain threw his phone away and cursed, "Fuck with this love nest! That's my woman!" To that, Sarah, who was enjoying life, replied, "Sir, who are you?" 

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