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Vengeance and Untold Love

Introduction: Ethan mistakenly believed that Scarlett's father had killed his own father, leading him to confine Scarlett in a mental hospital, where she endured torme...

Ethan mistakenly believed that Scarlett’s father was the murderer of his father, so he locked Scarlett up in a mental hospital where she suffered two years of torture. Afterwards, in order to prevent his stepmother Evelyn’s conspiracy, Ethan decided to fake marriage with Scarlett and set a three-month deadline. At the moment Ethan and Scarlett received their marriage certificates, Ethan met the mysterious woman Sophia, whom he had once had a one night stand with.

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My Adorable Twins
Introduction: "Why does your son look so much like me?" Upon hearing this question, Holly Shaw fell silent. Five years ago, her parents divorced, and her callous father expelled her from their home. In order to pay for her mother's medical treatment, she agreed to substitute for another girl's companionship that night. Now, five years later, she returns with two adorable children, determined to reclaim what is rightfully hers. Little does she expect to once again encounter the man from that fateful night—Allen Carter.
Unexpected Sparks
Introduction: While Nora Kemp has a bright personality, she can't accept the fact that her fiancé has cheated on her. To seek revenge, she decides to marry the mistress' uncle and become part of that despicable couple's family. When she sees Cory Barton' car pass by, she mistakenly thinks that he is the mistress' uncle. In a twist of fate, they accidentally end up together and lead a happily-ever-after life.
CEO’s Irresistible Affection
Introduction: The Dixon family's heiress, Emily Dixon, rebels against her parents' plans for a business alliance through marriage. While attempting to escape this arranged fate, she crosses paths with the assertive CEO, Blake Willis. Through a series of coincidences, the two enter into a collaboration, joining forces against their respective parents. As they navigate this unconventional alliance, sparks of sweetness ignite, turning their cooperative venture into a journey of unexpected emotions.
Perfect Love
Introduction: Talented jewelry designer Ada Prescott's life has hit a low point after her boyfriend cheated on her and her sister falsely accused her of plagiarism. While getting drunk in a bar, she accidentally meets her ex-boyfriend's uncle, Max Worthington, the heir to a powerful plutocracy. By mistake, the two become a contractual couple. At first, Ada doesn't have a crush on Max and wants to end the relationship, but as they get along, Ada gradually falls in love with his thoughtfulness. And Max on Ada is early "premeditation" - Ada has not remembered, years ago in an encounter, he actually fell in love with her at first sight...
His All-Round Stunning Wife
Introduction: Alice Cooper, leader of the Cooper family, comes back after seven years to uncover the truth behind her mother's death. While seeking revenge, she catches the eye of the powerful Nova CEO, who later falls for her.
The Alpha’s Rejected Mate
Introduction: Mira kills her alpha's brother on her 18th birthday. To make matters worse, the alpha is Mira's mate and he witnesses that. Mira is relegated to be a slave and locked in a dungeon. She's in deep distress. Will a visit from the alpha king bring an unexpected turn?

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