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Dragon Hall Master: Kneel and Shake!

Introduction: Three years ago, Jason Dragon was framed by the Dunn family, leading to his separation from his wife, Raven, and daughter, Sophia. After discovering the ...

Three years ago, Jason Dragon was framed by the Dunn family, leading to his separation from his wife Raven and daughter Sophia. After discovering the truth and the humiliation Raven suffered in Bing City, Jason quickly returned to protect them. He led his Dragon Guards to dismantle the old ruling family of Bing City and announced his imminent return. Despite hiding his identity, the Dunn family continued to harass them. Jason retaliated, punished his enemies, and held a grand birthday celebration for Raven, fulfilling his promise. Together, they restored the morale of their community through charitable actions and strengthened Raven’s confidence in the process.

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