Short playRomance

Lost Love, Found Truth: Mr. Fort’s Redemption

Introduction: Following her parents' wishes, Molly married Jack, only to discover that he was the person she had secretly adored. Many years ago, Molly had saved Jack'...

Molly, beroende av föräldrarnas önskemål, gifte sig med Jack, för att sedan upptäcka att han var den person hon hade hemligt älskat. Fler än ett decennium tidigare hade Molly räddat Jacks liv, en gärning som gick förlorad eftersom en annan flicka, Willa, tog tillfället i akt för egen del. Ovetande om att hennes räddare var Molly, förälskade sig Jack i Willa, vilket ledde till upprepat skada mot Molly. Cade, som hade älskat Molly i många år, ständigt kom till hennes hjälp. Men Mira, en intressantare till Cade, konspirerade med Willa för att förklara Molly flera gånger, med Cade alltid där för att rädda henne. Vaknande från sin ordeal, valde Molly att lämna sina känslor bakom sig och återvände efter att ha genomgått plastisk kirurgi, försiktigt närmade sig Jack och började sin planer. När sanningen lyste fram, insåg Jack att han hade orsakat Molly onödigt lidande…

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Revenge After Rebirth
Introduction: After facing a mishap, he got a chance of rebirth. His past was not erased. He remembered how his mother was harmed, how he was cheated on and lost everything he loved. In this life, he would make a change and take back everything that belonged to him!
The Unwanted Cinderella’s Transformation
Introduction: Estella Graham, who was pure and kind, was discovered not to be the biological daughter of the Graham family. All of a sudden, Estella became a fake daughter who everyone shouted for. Not only did his childhood sweetheart, fiancé Hanrick Scott, get involved with the real daughter Marina Graham, but he was also drugged by Hanrick and had a one night stand with Elijah Scott, the chief executive of the Scott family. After waking up, Estella Graham knew everything and resolutely left the Graham family to seek refuge with his best friend. What she didn't know was that Elijah could only relieve his mania on Estella, so he kept investigating her who had a one night stand with him at that time...
A Night to Remember
Introduction: Due to her stepmother's manipulation and her father's coercion, Claire White found herself compelled to marry a comatose man on behalf of her stepsister. Many believed that tying the knot with David Fraser would bring misfortune to Claire.However, on their wedding day, Claire's mother-in-law nonchalantly presented her with a bank card containing millions. To everyone's surprise, on their wedding night, David, who was thought to be in a coma, gradually regained consciousness.
Mismatch: The Space Between Us
Introduction: Alexia Connie, despite your myriad shortcomings and endless betrayals, you will always be the one I love the most...
Her Storm of Rage
Introduction: Leah Baker, once a charming and plump girl from a respectable background with a caring older brother, experienced a dramatic shift when she crossed paths with Jared Hall, a white-collar individual. Collaborating with their family's servant, Amy, Jared orchestrated a plan to frame Leah's father, resulting in his imprisonment. Amy and Jared further manipulated events, causing Zack's fall from a building, seizing control of the Bakers' business empire, and attempting to poison Leah, though she miraculously survived.Five years later, Leah underwent plastic surgery and weight loss, adopting the identity of Ivy Bell, a sculptor. Alongside her, Zack returned in a wheelchair, serving as her strategic advisor, determined to reclaim the Bakers' legacy from the clutches of the malevolent duo.Upon her triumphant return, now known as Ivy, Leah discovered that Amy and Jared, bound by their shared interests, were far from a content couple, revealing a significant rift in their relationship.
In the Name of Love
Introduction: Anna Poole had faced hardships since childhood. While trying to resolve a company crisis with her good friend, Serene Cox, Anna was drugged and sold to Mr. King. After Anna injured Mr. King and escaped, she ended up in the room of another man, Zach Howl, who was also under the influence of an aphrodisiac. As a result, they unexpectedly became intimate. As soon as Anna regained consciousness, she decided to confront Serene and accidentally overheard a conspiracy between Serene and the supposedly deceased Bryan Lane. Outraged, Anna confronted Serene, who injured her and caused a fire to start. In a life-threatening situation, Anna was saved by Waver Taylor, who had just returned to the country. Ten months later, she gave birth to twins, and one of them was taken away by the Browns. Along with a doctor, the Brown mother and daughter falsely claimed that the child died to suffocation.

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