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Profit Prophecy

Introduction: They say the chances of winning the lottery are the same as getting struck by lightning. So it'd be nut and absurd to have both happen to you, right? You...

Introducción: Dicen que las posibilidades de ganar la lotería son las mismas que ser alcanzado por un rayo. ¿Es absurdo pensar que ambas cosas te sucedan a ti? Estás sin blanca. Te han desamparado. Te han echado de la casa de tu padre político, todo un personaje. Has llegado al más profundo de la miseria. Un rayo cae. Ahora eres diferente. Vas a hacer que todos los ricos y engreídos te respeten, te envidien, o, mejor aún, te teman.

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Supremacy: The Indomitable Ruler
Introduction: Once a high-ranking and influential figure, Max Brown, also known as the Knight of Peace of Durkh, had fallen into the depths of despair after losing his memory. With no choice but to rebuild his life from scratch, he toils tirelessly as a laborer on the rugged terrain of a construction site, enduring a torrent of injustices along the way. However, Lydia Hale, his once-promised fiancée, remains true to her word. Despite their disparate backgrounds and familial opposition, the two overcome various obstacles and hardships, eventually growing to know and love each other. Together, they embark on a new journey in life.
Bleed for This
Mason Ford is a famous boxer who grew up with his mother. When he refuses to participate in a fake match, his mother and wife are kidnapped by the wealthy Dylan Stone and his men. With no alternative, Mason is compelled to confront them face-to-face.
The Security Guard’s Twin Beauties
Introduction: Three years ago, Cody West, the second son of the West family, leaves his family to temper his character and becomes a small security guard. While observing the ways of the world and developing his own industry, his elder brother, Peter West, smears his reputation by publicly announcing that Cody is expelled from the family for indulging in pleasure.Three years later, one day, Cody bravely saves Yuna Reid. In the process, he discovers that she has a grudge with his landlord, Emma Smith. Their lives become extraordinarily lively, and Cody and Yuna develop feelings for each other during their time together.Initially reluctant to deal with family affairs, Cody is compelled to act when he realizes that Peter is not a good person. He joins forces with Peter's fiancee, Aimee Marsh, to confront him. Ultimately, the head of the West family personally expels the misconduct Peter from the family and appoints Cody as the head.Grateful for the help he received, Cody thanks Aimee and Emma and then proposes to Yuna. The loving couple finally becomes husband and wife.
Wedding Day Surprise: From Disgrace to Billionaire
Introduction: On my wedding day, my girlfriend's family asked me to give them another $1 million as a wedding gift for my brother-in-law. I finally flew into a rage at the humiliation of my girlfriend's family, and at that moment, $1 million was transferred into my bank account...
Ordinary No More: The Rise Of An Heir
Introduction: A wife with a net worth in the millions... a romantic rival worth over a billion... a wedding gift worth twenty million.
Return of The Fallen Dragon
Introduction: After getting married, for three years, he was mocked as a useless, dependent, penniless loser. But what they didn't know was that if he revealed his true identity, the entire world would be at his feet.

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