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The Security Guard’s Twin Beauties

Introduction: Three years ago, Cody West, the second son of the West family, leaves his family to temper his character and becomes a small security guard. While observ...

Three years ago, Cody West, the second son of the West family, chose to leave the family and become a small security guard in order to hone his character. During this period, he observed the world and developed his career. However, his brother Peter West publicly announced that Cody had been expelled from the family for indulging in pleasure, in order to discredit his reputation.
One day three years later, Cody bravely saved Yuna Reid. During this process, he discovered that Yuna had a conflict with his landlord Emma Smith. Their lives became unusually lively as a result, and Cody and Yuna gradually developed feelings during their interactions.
At first, Cody didn’t want to get involved in family affairs, but when he realized that Peter wasn’t a good person, he had to take action. He teamed up with Peter’s fianc é e Aimee Marsh, and ultimately, the head of the West family personally expelled Peter from the family and appointed Cody as the new head.
Cody expressed gratitude for Aimee and Emma’s help and proposed to Yuna. This loving couple eventually became husband and wife.

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