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My Kick-ass Mom and Her Triplets

Introduction: Six years ago, at her coming-of-age ceremony, Jinya Shuff was drugged by her father Zeke Shuff and her sister Ruthie Shuff, inadvertently having a one-ni...

Six years ago, during her coming-of-age celebration, Jinya Shuff was unknowingly administered a drug by her father, Zeke Shuff, and her sister, Ruthie Shuff. This incident led to a night of passion with Yanis Loew, the CEO of the Loew Group. Zeke and Ruthie used the scandal as an excuse to disown Jinya from the family. After being cast out, Jinya discovered that she was expecting triplets. The eldest child was taken from her by Ruthie to be used as a bargaining chip to marry Yanis. Jinya later learned from Ruthie that her mother had been conspired against and killed by Zeke and others. In the end, Jinya was rescued by individuals sent by her grandfather and gave birth to two more children. Six years later, Jinya returns with her twin children, resolved to reclaim everything that was taken from her…

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