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My Adorable Twins

Introduction: "Why does your son look so much like me?" Upon hearing this question, Holly Shaw fell silent. Five years ago, her parents divorced, and her cal...

Introducción: "¿Por qué tu hijo se parece tanto a mí?" Al escuchar esta pregunta, Holly Shaw quedó en silencio. Hace cinco años, sus padres se divorciaron, y su cruel padre la echó de su hogar. Para pagar el tratamiento médico de su madre, accedió a sustituir a otra chica esa noche. Ahora, cinco años después, regresa con dos adorables hijos, decidida a recuperar lo que le pertenece. Sin embargo, no espera encontrarse de nuevo con el hombre de esa noche fatídica: Allen Carter.

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Introduction: To save her grandfather, Ross Hanks, whose family was in dire straits, reluctantly agreed to divorce Zander at the insistence of the Morrison family. Additionally, she relinquished custody of the baby she was carrying to the Morrison family. Five years later, Ross's grandfather passed away, and Zander lost his memory in a car accident. Meanwhile, Ross received an unexpected offer from the Morrison family to work as a babysitter. With the help of the baby genius, they eventually uncovered the truth of what had transpired five years ago. Ross and Zander reconciled and found understanding, culminating in a heartfelt kiss and reconciliation.
Adventures of the Rich Tycoon
Introduction: Luna Segler, the long-lost daughter of the Segler family, was brought back into the family as she grew up. However, upon returning from a business trip, she accidentally discovered her fiancé and sister Joey having an affair. Filled with anger, Luna confronted them, only to be scolded by her own father. Utterly disappointed, Luna went to a bar to confide in a friend. Little did she know, due to her friend's ill-advised suggestion, she ended up impulsively marrying Anders Furan, the head of the Furan family. As the two individuals, each hiding their own secrets, navigate their concealed truths, what kind of romantic sparks will fly between Luna and Anders?
[ENG DUB] A Dazzling Beauty
Introduction: On her wedding night, Olivia Parker becomes a victim of betrayal by her husband and step-sister, leading to a scandalous encounter. After false rumors and a staged death, Olivia returns five years later with a plan for revenge. Unexpectedly, she crosses paths with Noah Cooper, the powerful leader of the Cooper family, who happens to be the father of her twins from that fateful night.
[ENG DUB] Ex-husband Proposed Again
Introduction: Before the divorce, Chris Zais deemed Xenia Roberts, a vicious woman who would do anything to get what she wanted. After the divorce, Chris calmly said, "If you regret it. I can give you another chance." Speechless, Xenia rejected, "Thank you for your offer. But no thanks."
Mismatch: The Space Between Us
Introduction: Alexia Connie, despite your myriad shortcomings and endless betrayals, you will always be the one I love the most...
Our Boss’ New Wife
Introduction: Despite the failure of Maya Rogers' blind date, fate led her to encounter someone she initially believed to be the CEO's chauffeur. Following a spontaneous marriage, she watched as numerous property deeds and lavish jewelry worth millions were delivered to her doorstep. It was in that moment of opulence that she discovered the undeniable truth—her husband was none other than the billionaire CEO!

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