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In the Name of Love

Introduction: Anna Poole had faced hardships since childhood. While trying to resolve a company crisis with her good friend, Serene Cox, Anna was drugged and sold to M...

Anna Poole had faced numerous challenges from a young age. While attempting to address a crisis within her company alongside her trusted friend, Serene Cox, Anna was unknowingly drugged and sold to Mr. King. After Anna managed to injure Mr. King and escape, she found herself in the room of another man, Zach Howl, who was also under the influence of an aphrodisiac. This unexpected encounter led to a moment of intimacy between them. As soon as Anna came to her senses, she resolved to confront Serene and unintentionally overheard a sinister plot between Serene and the supposedly deceased Bryan Lane. Enraged, Anna confronted Serene, who retaliated by injuring her and accidentally starting a fire. In a life-threatening situation, Anna was rescued by Waver Taylor, who had recently returned to the country. Ten months later, Anna gave birth to twins, and one of them was taken away by the Browns. Together with a doctor, the Brown mother and daughter falsely claimed that the child had died due to suffocation.

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Addicted to Captive Love
Introduction: Abbie Lanes married Noah Gray three years ago. In the first year, he took one of her kidneys; in the second, he made her leave with nothing; and in the third, he sent her to prison. Four years later, she's finally released, hoping to start anew far away from Noah. However, fate has other plans, as she crosses paths with him once again while working.
Vengeance and Untold Love
Introduction: Ethan mistakenly believed that Scarlett's father had killed his own father, leading him to confine Scarlett in a mental hospital, where she endured torment for two years. Later, Ethan, in an effort to thwart his stepmother Evelyn's scheme, chose to enter into a fake marriage with Scarlett, with a three-month deadline. However, just as Ethan and Scarlett received their marriage license, Ethan discovered the mysterious woman he had slept with, Sophia.
Beware My CEO Mommy
Introduction: Casey, marked by a birthmark on her face, faced rejection from her fiancé. Uniting with her step-sister, they plotted against her, but fate intervened, leading her to a chance encounter with the wealthy Levi. Little did she know, Casey herself was the long-lost heiress of a prestigious family. Five years later, having taken control of the family business, Casey returns with a vengeance, accompanied by her child.
Seeking Revenge With Her Baby
Introduction: Five years ago, Summer Norton was framed after an unexpected pregnancy, leaving her homeless. With no other choice, Summer left for another country. Five years later, she reunites with the man from that fateful night and finds her child. Together, the three embark on a journey to happiness.
The Night of Fate: Mr. Greene’s Destined Love
Introduction: After Natalie's devastating brain tumor diagnosis, she unexpectedly catches her boyfriend Finnley and her best friend Nyla having an affair, leaving her feeling heartbroken. Seeking solace, Natalie finds herself at a local bar, where fate introduces her to Timothy, the charming heir of the Greene family. Intrigued by a jade pendant Natalie is wearing, Timothy proposes a marriage of convenience. As they spend time together, Natalie and Timothy gradually develop an affection for each other and help each other overcome their troubles. Ultimately, Natalie successfully recovers from her tumor, regains her memory, and embarks on a happy life with Timothy.
Never Too Late for Love
Introduction: A daughter of a wealthy family was swapped out at birth. From then on, she had been on the receiving end of bullying and malicious schemes until a rich, young man came along and showered her with love.

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