Short playBillionaire/CEO

Falling Prey to Love

When it comes to love, the men I've targeted always fall under my spell. However, things seem to tak

When it comes to love, the men I aim for are always captured by my charm. However, things seemed to take an unexpected turn when I met Steven Fogg, who seemed to resist my charms effortlessly.

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Henry Saber's wife finds herself imprisoned—literally—and tortured by his own hands, leading her to
Oops! I married a CEO by mistake
Introduction: Abigail lies dead in the hospital, while her fiancé Kyle and stepsister Chloe gloat over their murder of her. Overhearing their evil plan, Abigail later comes back to life and immediately marries a broke model named Henry as revenge. Abigail thinks her marriage is all just a play, but when she faces betrayal and difficulties, Henry secretly helps her. However, just as things are getting real between them, she finds out a shocking secret about Henry’s identity...
Intertwined Desires: The Love of a Rebel
Introduction: Sold out by someone in dark web, Chloe Morgan bumps into mafia lord, Shaun Luther in the riches’ hunting game. Once an aristocracy, Chloe is now dragged into inferno by Shaun, lost in sweetness and tortures. She finally makes up her mind to leave, but Shaun confines her no matter how many times she tries. It’s out of love, or of hatred? Overwhelmed by love and forbidden desire, the two hurt each other but simultaneously save each other.
His All-Round Stunning Wife
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Introduction: After Natalie's devastating brain tumor diagnosis, she unexpectedly catches her boyfriend Finnley and her best friend Nyla having an affair, leaving her feeling heartbroken. Seeking solace, Natalie finds herself at a local bar, where fate introduces her to Timothy, the charming heir of the Greene family. Intrigued by a jade pendant Natalie is wearing, Timothy proposes a marriage of convenience. As they spend time together, Natalie and Timothy gradually develop an affection for each other and help each other overcome their troubles. Ultimately, Natalie successfully recovers from her tumor, regains her memory, and embarks on a happy life with Timothy.
Switched: From First Lady to First Fortune
Introduction: Zoey Sheridan and the mega-rich Julian Lukin were hitched five years back. From sweet to sour, they accidentally body swap.While Zoey enjoys the lavish life, Julian's stuck doing chores, handling his harsh mom, and facing off with Sherra Vickery and a crazy crew, flipping his view of the household. After antics like fake pregnancies and roles, they end up trusting and working together. Swapping back, they resolve things. Julian aims to mend, but Zoey's ready to call it quits.

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