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The Abandoned Bride Married a Tycoon

Introduction: Rumor said Yedda Victor, a daughter of the Victor family, who grew up in the countryside and was known for her ridiculous antics, had deeply fallen in lo...

Introducción: Se decía que Yedda Victor, una hija del clan Victor, que había crecido en el campo y era conocida por sus ridículas andanzas, se había enamorado profundamente de un rico empresario, Ethan Seth. Sin embargo, el día de su boda, Ethan desapareció. Enfurecida por su acción, Yedda también huyó del lugar y se encontró con el más misterioso genio del mundo, Roy Grant. Él planificó un accidente automovilístico deliberado y ofreció casarse con Yedda como compensación, y ella aceptó sin dudar. Así, se casaron por contrato. Después de su matrimonio, Roy ocultó su verdadera condición. No solo elevó a su joven esposa a nuevas alturas, sino que también le ayudó a encontrar respeto en la familia Victor.

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Wedding Betrayal: Turn the Table
Introduction: The story revolves around a wedding where the male protagonist Jordan Morgan is humiliated by his mother-in-law and Trevor Brown, the heir of the Brown Group, over the issue of dowry. Trevor Brown publicly claims to have had a sexual relationship with Jordan's fiancée, causing Jordan's mother to collapse and needing hospitalization. Despite this, Trevor Brown and his family continue to harass and insult Jordan Morgan. In a critical moment, Qara Yule, the CEO of the Yule Group, arrives with a billion-dollar dowry, proposes to Jordan, and saves his mother. It turns out that Jordan and Qara had an engagement long before, but they lost contact due to Jordan's family falling into hardship. Grateful for Qara's rescue, Jordan vows to treat her well. Despite initial family opposition, Jordan helps resolve a series of issues for the Yule family and eventually finds happiness with Qara. In the end, Jordan Morgan's true identity is revealed - he is, in fact, the renowned Commander Morgan, leaving everyone shocked.
[ENG DUB] The Beautiful Wife Doctor
Introduction: After a car accident that left Brook in a coma, Natalie concealed her identity to marry the man. Together, the married couple faced challenges from Fiona and her son and took down the two-faced James as they navigated through their marriage and started a happy life together.
Idiot Son-In-Law
Introduction: The genius young master was harmed and became a fool that was despised by everyone. He was also forced into a marriage. When he recovered, the world trembled for his existence. 
My Flirtatious Substitute Husband
Introduction: He marries an unattractive substitute bride as part of a plot. To his surprise, not only does this wife of his have no boundaries, but she also constantly showers him with affection.Unable to endure it any longer, he presses his wife against the wall and says, "Seducing me comes at a price."
From Red Carpet to Dirt Road
Yvonne Shaw was a popular celebrity before she accidentally travels back in time and becomes a villa
Beyond the Common: Ascension of a Legacy
Introduction: After enduring poverty for 28 years, Steve Ford is shocked to find out that he's actually the son of the richest man! Now, how will he deal with his wealthy wife, who has abandoned him for a man with a net worth of billions?

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