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Lovestruck Duo

Introduction: Due to a string of misfortune, Summer was set up by her step sister which resulted in her getting pregnant. This was four years ago and when she returned...

Introducción: Debido a una serie de desgracias, Summer fue engañada por su hermanastra, lo que condujo a que quedara embarazada. Eso fue hace cuatro años y al regresar a casa, tenía gemelos y reconoció al Sean, con mascarilla puesta, como el padre de sus hijos. Sin embargo, no sabía que el hombre también era su jefe.

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My Kick-ass Mom and Her Triplets
Introduction: Six years ago, at her coming-of-age ceremony, Jinya Shuff was drugged by her father Zeke Shuff and her sister Ruthie Shuff, inadvertently having a one-night stand with Yanis Loew, the CEO of the Loew Group. Zeke and Ruthie drove Jinya out of the family on the pretext of the scandal. Shortly after leaving the Shuff family, Jinya discovered that she was pregnant with triplets. The eldest child was taken away by Ruthie as a pawn to marry Yanis. Later, Jinya learned from Ruthie the truth that her mother was colluded to death by Zeke and others. In the end, Jinya was saved by people sent by her grandfather and gave birth to two more children. Six years later, Jinya returns with her twins, determined to take everything back...
Seeking Revenge With Her Baby
Introduction: Five years ago, Summer Norton was framed after an unexpected pregnancy, leaving her homeless. With no other choice, Summer left for another country. Five years later, she reunites with the man from that fateful night and finds her child. Together, the three embark on a journey to happiness.
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Tempting Beauty
Introduction: In their childhood, Rebecca and Marcus were once neighbors. Rebecca's world crumbled when her father was betrayed and perished in flames, while Marcus, taken in by the affluent Lewis family, grew into a scion of wealth. Over a decade later, Rebecca uncovers the shocking truth that the man behind both her misfortune and fortune is none other than Marcus. Their fates, entwined since youth.
[ENG DUB] The Bride’s Substitute
Introduction: Rick Carter has been a vegetable ever since an accident two years ago. In place of Mary Holt, Rose Abney marries him and takes good care of him, earning her the favor of his mother, Ann White.
My Sweet Little Wife Has Grown Up
Introduction: She fulfilled her dream of becoming a mother after accidentally losing her virginity. Then, she was forced to marry a guy who was in a coma. Unexpectedly, the guy miraculously awakened. When everyone anticipated that she would be kicked out of the house and lose all her dignity, the usually cold Mr. Carter protected and doted on her.

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