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Rising From the Abyss: The Supreme's Revenge

Coveting the Supreme Bone, both Keanu Yates' best friend and fiancée betray him, stealing it, and th

Desiring the Ultimate Bone, Keanu Yates finds himself betrayed by both his closest friend and fiancée, who steal the relic and push him off a cliff, seemingly to his demise. However, the Supreme of the Skyward Gate intervenes, rescuing him. After three years of intense training, Keanu’s power reaches its zenith, allowing him to breakthrough to the God Realm. Transformed into the new Supreme of the Nether, wielding the most formidable strength among all, he embarks on a journey back to Drieso, determined to uncover the truth behind his supposed death and the motives of those who conspired against him. With a newfound resolve, Keanu eliminates all obstacles in his path, seeking vengeance and justice.

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