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Dragon’s Revenge and True Love

Introduction: Three years ago, Jaylen was framed and exiled to guard the Sin Realm for three years. After his return, the nine major families gathered, presenting him ...

Three years ago, Jaylen was framed and exiled to guard Sin Realm for three years. After his return, the nine major families gathered together and presented rare treasures, hoping to win his favor. However, Jaylen refused all the gifts and returned to the Harrison family, hoping to reconcile with his wife Rosie. Jaylen was seriously injured and saved by Rosie from the Harrison family. Out of gratitude, he voluntarily married her. However, as soon as he returned, Rosie demanded a divorce. At that moment, Jaylen stumbled upon an astonishing truth. Originally, the person who saved him was not Rosie, but Sherry from the same family. Determined to reclaim what belonged to him, Jaylen swore to protect Sherry. After various tests and difficulties, they eventually lived happily together.

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