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Kim Is Mission Impossible

Kimberly and Darren, never having met even once, had been married for three years. Few people knew o

Kimberly y Darren, nunca habiéndose encontrado ni una sola vez, habían estado casados durante tres años. Pocas personas conocían de su matrimonio. Una noche, ella ingresó accidentalmente a la habitación equivocada y pasó una noche desenfrenada con un hombre que creyó que era un desconocido. Al día siguiente, dejó diez dólares para el hombre y huyó, sin saber que en realidad era su esposo. A la mañana siguiente, al regresar a su trabajo, Kimberly se sorprendió de que el nuevo CEO del negocio era el hombre de la noche desenfrenada…

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Introduction: Kimberly and Darren, never having met even once, had been married for three years. Few people knew of their marriage. One night, she accidentally entered the wrong room and had a wild night with a man she thought was a stranger. The next day, she left behind ten dollars for the man and ran away, not knowing that he was actually her husband. Upon returning to her work, Kimberly was surprised that the new CEO was the man from her wild night...

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