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My Stunning Boss Lady

Introduction: Elena Graywood couldn't understand why her grandfather insisted on her marrying a man from a mountain village. Until, this man revealed to her that he wa...

Introducción: Elena Graywood no podía entender por qué su abuelo insistía en que se casara con un hombre de un pueblo de montaña. Hasta que, este hombre le reveló que en realidad era un médico divino con habilidades médicas sin paralelo.

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Introduction: To save her grandfather, Ross Hanks, whose family was in dire straits, reluctantly agreed to divorce Zander at the insistence of the Morrison family. Additionally, she relinquished custody of the baby she was carrying to the Morrison family. Five years later, Ross's grandfather passed away, and Zander lost his memory in a car accident. Meanwhile, Ross received an unexpected offer from the Morrison family to work as a babysitter. With the help of the baby genius, they eventually uncovered the truth of what had transpired five years ago. Ross and Zander reconciled and found understanding, culminating in a heartfelt kiss and reconciliation.

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