Short playRevenge

When A Substitute Wife Seeks To Lose Favor

Stella Payne, the second daughter of the Paynes, acts dumb to uncover the truth behind her mother's

Stella Payne, the younger daughter of the affluent Paynes, feigns ignorance to uncover the truth surrounding her mother’s untimely demise. En route to a loveless union orchestrated by her cunning stepmother, Stella becomes the unintended target of a nefarious car accident. However, fate intervenes in the form of Joseph Chambers, who rescues her from the brink of disaster. Little does Stella know, Joseph is not just a wealthy benefactor but the enigmatic heir to the esteemed Chambers family and the clandestine proprietor of the illustrious Shadow Villa. As their paths cross, a web of deceit and vengeance begins to unravel, yet amidst the turmoil, an unexpected bond of understanding and mutual respect forms between them.

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