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The Unrivaled Overlord

Theo Larsen, alias the Overlord, commands a Wolf Army of a million strong. Shrouding his identity, h

Theo Larsen, also known as the Overlord, leads an army of one million wolves. Keeping his identity a secret, he marries Sarah Welsh, the daughter of a wealthy family, ensuring the future of the Glory Group before reaching the peak of his life.

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Dragon Above the Masses
Introduction: Ten years ago, the once optimistic Sam Rider was forced to leave his family and venture to a distant land due to a misunderstanding. He lived alone, experiencing life's trials and tribulations. During this time, Sam encountered a life-threatening accident, hanging by a thread until he was saved by a girl, Helen Foster. Grateful for her rescue, he silently stays by her side and protects her to repay the debt of saving his life. The two eventually become lovers. However, life after marriage isn't a happy one. The burdens of life and various misunderstandings place immense pressure on both of them, dealing a huge blow to their relationship. Nevertheless, Sam doesn't give up. In the end, through his efforts, Sam earns approval from Helen's family and ultimately lives a happy life with Helen.
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Peerless Reigning Warlord
Introduction: Five years ago, Flynn Lane was saved by Sami Elrod by chance. However, upon waking up, he was misled by Old Mr. Elrod into believing that his rescuer was Kate Elord. Out of gratitude, Flynn married Kate. Yet, over the following five years, Flynn kept a remarkably low profile, leading everyone to perceive him as worthless.Five years later, having achieved considerable success, Flynn returned home to find Kate's flirtatious involvement with another person. Through careful observation, Flynn realized she wasn't his true savior. With the help of his associates, Flynn tracked down his real rescuer, Sami, and began assisting him in overcoming his struggles.Ultimately, the two reconciled their relationship and ensured that those who had troubled Sami faced consequences for their actions.
My Five Incredible Sisters
Introduction: After being dumped by his accomplished girlfriend, Fabian Quinn, a modest fishmonger, stumbles upon a life-altering revelation—he has five extraordinary sisters. His eldest sister reigns as the billionaire president of Quinn Holdings, the second is a globally adored actress, the third leads the world's deadliest assassin organization, the fourth holds a formidable position as a general of Celestia, and the fifth is a renowned doctor. As his remorseful ex-girlfriend belatedly realizes the gravity of her mistake, she remains oblivious to the fact that Fabian's true identity far surpasses the remarkable achievements of his five exceptional sisters.
The President’s Husband Is a Deliveryman
With a stroke of luck, Eric Clark's life took a drastic turn. He transformed from just a deliveryman

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