Short playRevenge

Reborn and Married to My Ex’s Uncle

Concealing his true identity, he assumed the role of a security guard to protect his stunning CEO wi

Concealing his true identity, he assumed the role of a security guard to protect his stunning CEO wife. Shielding her and handling her rivals, he also navigates company crises for her. As time passes, he finally captures the heart of his contracted CEO wife…

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[ENG DUB] A Painful Love
Introduction: Once the prestigious heiress of North Group, her life took a devastating turn with a failed marriage, resulting in the loss of her entire family and loved ones.Upon her release from jail, she resolves to confront her ex-husband and his mistress, bringing to light the truth from two years ago to clear her father's name.
Retribution of The Challenged Wife
Introduction: Melody was lying in a puddle of blood on the day of her divorce. Apparently, fate decided to test her as she went into labor in a snowstorm. This incident was triggering enough for her to remember her true identy. She was the pride and joy of a wealthy family, but was unfortunate enough to be involved in marriage with Wayne Muller as his mentally handicapped wife. However, the man appeared in front of her, looking like a wreck on her engagement day. He said, "Please stop toying with me, Melody." Melody replied with a scoff and said, "Oh Mr. Muller, it's your turn to be beneath me now."
Never Too Late for Love
Introduction: A daughter of a wealthy family was swapped out at birth. From then on, she had been on the receiving end of bullying and malicious schemes until a rich, young man came along and showered her with love.
Carefree Wonder Doctor
Introduction: A man born with talent in medicine but was tragically wiped out twenty years ago. Finally, after years of training, the wonder doctor is ready to take revenge! 
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Brielle is wrongfully accused of killing her fiancé's sister. Her fiancé refuses to believe her, and
The Heiress’s Revenge
Three years into the marriage, she did everything a wife should, but she couldn't make him care. Dis

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