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Dragon Above the Masses

Introduction: Ten years ago, the once optimistic Sam Rider was forced to leave his family and venture to a distant land due to a misunderstanding. He lived alone, expe...

Ten years ago, Sam Rider, who was once full of hope, had to leave his family and travel to a foreign land due to a misunderstanding. He lived alone and experienced various tests of life. During this period, Sam suffered a life-threatening accident, his life hanging on the line, and it was not until the appearance of a girl named Helen Foster that he was able to be rescued. For her life-saving kindness, he silently stood by her side, protecting her, in order to repay her kindness in saving his life. As time passed, the two gradually fell in love. However, married life is not as happy as imagined. The heavy burden of life and various misunderstandings have brought them tremendous pressure and had a serious impact on their relationship. Nevertheless, Sam did not give up. In the end, through his unremitting efforts, Sam won the recognition of Helen’s family and lived a happy life with Helen.

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