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The Unwanted Cinderella’s Transformation

Introduction: Estella Graham, who was pure and kind, was discovered not to be the biological daughter of the Graham family. All of a sudden, Estella became a fake daug...

Introducing Estella Graham, a character who was once pure and kind, but was later revealed not to be the biological daughter of the Graham family. Suddenly, Estella found herself cast aside as a “fake daughter,” with everyone calling for her departure. To make matters worse, her childhood sweetheart and fiancé, Hanrick Scott, became involved with the real daughter, Marina Graham, and Estella was further betrayed when she was drugged by Hanrick and ended up spending a night with Elijah Scott, the CEO of the Scott family. Upon waking up, Estella learned the truth and bravely left the Graham family to seek refuge with her best friend. Little did she know, Elijah was obsessed with her and could only find solace in her presence, leading him to launch an investigation to uncover the identity of the woman he spent that unforgettable night with…

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