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Madam, The CEO Is Doing Odd Jobs Again

Introduction: Right before their marriage, Margot Reid’s scumbag boyfriend cheated with her best friend. Fueled by resilience, Margot took control of her life and deci...

Introducción: Justo antes de su boda, Margot Reid descubrió que su malvado novio la estaba engañando con su mejor amiga. Empujada por la resistencia, Margot asumió el control de su vida y decidida, no se casó con él! En su inesperada reunión, el despreciable la burló, la ridiculizó como simple vendedora de dumplings. Con una sonrisa juguetona, Margot presentó a su recién contratado asistente. El despreciable quedó estupefacto – uno que era un orgulloso CEO de billonario ahora reducido a la posición de subordinado y marido de su ex-novia, despojado de poder e influencia?

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Introduction: For three years, Emily Davis faithfully carried out her duties as Benjamin Parker's wife, believing her gentleness could eventually thaw his heart. Sadly, she came to realize that her efforts were in vain. Disheartened, she made the difficult decision to end their marriage. Emily, determined to focus on her career and avoid past mistakes, remains steadfast. Benjamin, however, refuses to give up. Hence, he embarks on a journey to win back his wife's heart.
Empire of Favor: The Power Play
Introduction: Modern-day doctor Luna Winslow accidentally travels back to ancient times and becomes the unfavored consort of Lord Henry Reign. Little did she know, there was a deep-seated grudge between her and Lord Henry from their past lives. Upon her arrival, she encounters severely wounded patients and narrowly avoids being wrongfully imprisoned. As their paths continuously cross and clash, their relationship gradually transitions from estrangement to closeness, ultimately coming together in true love.
Into His Embrace: The Temptation of Mr. Sapir
Introduction: As the most powerful man in Rivton City, Barlow Sapir hated the most when women threw themselves at him. However, the first time he met Elvira Ann, the latter solemnly declared, "I'm not interested in you, Barlow Sapir." The second time, she swore to God, "I won't sleep with you." Then there was the third time… the fourth time… But little did Elvira know, Barlow Sapir desired nothing more than her love. The more she tried to get rid of him, the more he yearned for her. What could she do?
Love is a Lullaby
Introduction: Clara unexpectedly sleeps with Asher. However, Mandy later takes credit for it. Worse, Asher mistakenly believes she is the daughter of the man who saved his life. So he promises to marry her. On the other hand, Asher's stepmother forces Clara to marry Asher. So he suspects Clara to be a spy and insists on divorcing her. When will he find out the truth?
Coma Husband’s Awakening
Introduction: Caught in the schemes of her cunning stepmother and pressured by her father's threats, Marie Cob reluctantly entered into matrimony with Mr. Mew, who lay in a comatose state. Despite widespread expectations of a doomed union, Marie was taken aback when her mother-in-law casually handed her an ATM card loaded with millions. On their wedding night, much to everyone's surprise, the seemingly unconscious Mr. Mew slowly stirred to awareness.
Stop Running, My Rebellious Wife!
Introduction: Winnie Rayne, a talented designer, unexpectedly had a one-night stand with Louis Tolson, a successful but overly proud magnate. Louis thought Winnie was a scheming woman, not knowing that it was because of her stepmother who set them up, with the help of his assistant. After being forced to marry Louis, Winnie fled overseas for two years, only to bump into him right after returning. On the other hand, Louis has never met his wife before. After a series of comedic misunderstandings, they finally get together in the end.

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