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Defying Fate: His Glorious Ascent

For the sake of his beloved, Myla Rowe, Alden Hale sacrifices his chance to enter Skylet and finds h

Alden Hale’s heart is bound by an unbreakable vow to his beloved, Myla Rowe. In a selfless act, he forgoes his own opportunity to enter the prestigious Skylet, only to find himself confined within the cold walls of Skyde Cave, a prisoner of his own kin for a grueling three years. The passage of time, however, is a relentless force that alters the course of lives. Upon his release, Alden returns a man transformed, his heart heavy with the weight of his soulmate’s engagement to another and the shadows of his father’s declining health. Yet, amidst these trials, Alden’s resolve remains unshaken.

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