Defying Fate: His Glorious Ascent
For the sake of his beloved, Myla Rowe, Alden Hale sacrifices his chance to enter Skylet and finds h
The Alpha's Rejected Mate
Mira kills her alpha's brother on her 18th birthday. To make matters worse, the alpha is Mira's mate
Ferocious Scion, Wild Sovereignty
Introduction: Transported back to Darshen, a modern-day professor, Chen Yu finds himself reborn as a prince. No longer chained to a mundane 9-to-5 existence, he embraces power, luxury, and romance. Amid palace intrigue and royal rivalries, he proves that a contemporary mind can outshine the ancients in both wit and skill.
Fated to My Forbidden Vampire
Brielle is wrongfully accused of killing her fiancé's sister. Her fiancé refuses to believe her, and
My Mate is a Vampire
A werewolf cursed to never shift. A vampire with dark secrets. Kaiya and Talon are supposed to be mo
Love Me, Bite Me
For centuries, the most powerful vampires, the Tepes family and the Velda family have remained an al
Fatal Temptation: Between Two Alphas
Mia's life as the future Luna is beyond perfect, until a witch appears and announces herself as the
Fatal Attraction: The Hybrid Princess
Natalie left everything behind to start a new life in the woods, until Alpha Jayce's invasion led to
The Alpha’s Daughter
Daphne Sinclair was once the daughter of a powerful Alpha, until one fateful night on her 18th birth
My Enemy Alpha
When you're forced to wed the dark and dangerous Alpha Ronan — your mortal enemy — you're sure you'l
Her Desired Alphas
Marabella's dark powers made her the target of her pack after she accidentally killed Kyan's father.
Fated to My Forbidden Alpha
Selene grew up orphaned and neglected in the Blood Moon pack. Her only dream is to turn eighteen and
True Luna
When Emma Parker turns 18, she discovers her fated mate is Logan Carter, the alpha of her pack. But
Curse of the Dragon King
It's forbidden. It should be impossible. But you — a human — have been Marked: claimed forever as a
Unrivaled Divine Doctor
Introduction: Intern doctor, Harvey York, hit rock bottom when his girlfriend betrayed him. After inheriting his family's medical and martial arts knowledge, his life began to turn around!
The Supreme One
Introduction: I hold unrivaled supremacy across the vast multitude of realms.
The God of War Returns
Introduction: After years of military service, I became famous in a single battle. However, I suddenly received news that my closest brother had been killed and died with resentment... Now that I have returned with unrivaled power, I will crush my enemies to pieces and make everyone bow to me!
Let me go, My Queen!
Introduction: Jack, a modern-day artist, stumbles into a parallel universe due to an accident, catapulted into an ancient, matriarchal Roman society. In this nation ruled by women, he finds himself surrounded by an abundance of beauties. Can Jack navigate this society and win the hearts of these girls? More importantly, will he be able to find the key to unraveling time travel and safely return to his contemporary world?