Short playRevenge

Spoiling My Sweet Wife to Her Core

On the day of the engagement, Anne Miller was framed in a cheating scandal. Her fiance, Shawn Smith,

On the day of their engagement, Anne Miller found herself embroiled in a scandalous accusation of infidelity. Her fiancé, Shawn Smith, was livid and declared that he would never marry her. Anne was well aware that her step-sister, Elsa Miller, was the orchestrator of this vile plot. Shawn, blinded by Elsa’s deceit, believed every word she uttered. Heartbroken and betrayed, Anne’s life ended with a mixture of resentment and regret.

However, the soul of a heroine—who shared the same name as Anne—transmigrated into her body. This new Anne vowed to seek vengeance for the wrongs done to her predecessor. With a new lease on life, she was determined to uncover the truth and make those responsible pay for their treachery. As she embarked on her quest for justice, she discovered that the path to redemption was fraught with challenges, but with her wit and resilience, she was ready to face them all.

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