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To My Future Wife

On Mia Park's first day at Wilson Group, she married a man she had only met once, fulfilling her gra

Mia Park’s debut at the Wilson Group was marked by a peculiar twist of fate. On her inaugural day, she found herself walking down the aisle with a man she had encountered just once, all in the name of fulfilling her grandmother’s dying wish. Yet, as the wedding bells faded, her new husband, Tim Shaw, vanished without a trace, leaving Mia to face the world alone. With a steely resolve, she channeled her energies into her career, determined not to let the mysterious disappearance define her future.

“That’s preposterous! After a year of radio silence, he comes crawling back asking for a divorce? What in the world could possibly be going through his mind? Fine, let’s get this divorce over with!” Mia exclaimed, her frustration palpable. But as she delved deeper into the matter, she couldn’t help but notice something amiss.

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