Short playBillionaire/CEO

The Mismarriage

Stella Carter fills in for her friend Alice Baker and unknowingly spends the night with Ray Moore, h

Stella Carter finds herself in an unexpected situation when she takes the place of her friend Alice Baker and ends up spending the night with Ray Moore, a man of considerable wealth and Alice’s fiancé. Unaware of the identity of the man she has spent the night with, Stella believes it to be a stranger. However, Alice, upon learning of the encounter, decides to take advantage of the situation, claiming the experience as her own and presenting herself as the one who has saved Ray from a potentially embarrassing situation.

Influenced by Alice’s deceit, Ray becomes eager to dissolve his engagement with Stella and marry Alice instead.

As Stella’s life begins to unravel, she finds herself in increasingly dangerous situations. It is during these trying times that her childhood friend, Wayne Clark, emerges as her true savior, coming to her aid on multiple occasions.

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