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The New Intern Is a Mogul

Wolfe Group's CEO's wife, Eva White, is keeping her identity under wraps while working as an intern

The CEO of Wolfe Group, Nathan Wolfe, is a man of considerable wealth and influence within the city. His wife, Eva White, has chosen to maintain a low profile by taking on the role of an intern at Starbite, a company recently acquired by her husband’s corporation. Despite her humble position, Eva is held in high regard by Nathan, who values her greatly.

Upon integrating Starbite into his empire, Nathan ensures that his wife’s status as the CEO’s wife is respected within the company. He instructs the staff to provide Eva with preferential treatment, reflecting his desire to support and protect her.

However, not everyone in the company is as respectful of Eva’s position. Wanda Davis, a colleague in Eva’s department, becomes enamored with her perceived status and begins to flaunt her connection to the CEO. This vanity leads Wanda and others in their department to treat Eva with disdain, overlooking her contributions and efforts.

Eva’s decision to work as an intern under such circumstances showcases her determination and humility. Despite the challenges she faces, she remains committed to her work and the goals she has set for herself. Her story highlights the contrast between genuine humility and the superficial displays of status and power that sometimes arise in corporate environments.

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