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The Stand-In Wife: Love Meets Its Match

Introduction: A strange marital misunderstanding lands her into marrying a man in wheelchair, sweeping her up into a whirlwind of scandals of the elite as a story of l...

Introducción: Una extraña desavenencia matrimonial la lanza a casarse con un hombre en silla de ruedas, arrastrando a una tormenta de escándalos entre la élite, donde se desarrolla una historia de amor, odio y venganza entre un frío CEO y una esposa en su lugar! ¡El amor ha encontrado su igual, y su amor será sin duda turbulento!

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Introduction: After three years of marriage, Stella found herself in a relationship with Jack where he paid little attention to her. On their third anniversary, as she confronted her husband's indifference, she made the difficult decision to end the marriage. Three years earlier, she had forsaken her esteemed position as a designer under Penny's name for the sake of love. Now, she has come to a profound realization...
Love Born From A Contract
Introduction: As Benjamin Jensen's secret lover, Joanna Sullivann stayed with him for five years, hoping her quiet devotion would win his heart. Unexpectedly, she was eventually abandoned. Without a fuss, she left his world without asking for anything.However, when she was about to marry someone else, he suddenly, like a madman, pinned her against the wall and kissed her passionately. Joanna was puzzled, not quite understanding Benjamin's intentions..
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A Heart’s Untold Truth
Introduction: Amelia Russo has loved Shawn Butler for many years, but his heart remains steadfast in its longing for his first love. Determined, Amelia gracefully steps aside to make room for that woman.Shawn deludes into believing his happiness lies in Amelia's absence and jolts by an unexpected revelation upon receiving her medical card. "Shawn Butler, as the final days of my life trickle away, I no longer choose to waste my love on you."

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